Google Adds New Filtering Option for Non-Touchscreen Products; Likely for Google TV Market


Let’s face it: Android is evolving into something Google probably never thought it would. With that, they probably never thought they’d need for their Android market to filter out devices without touchscreens. We’ve already seen one phone without a touchscreen by Motorola, and now Google TV poses that problem once the eventual launch of the Android market on the platform comes our way.

One developer spotted a change in the market filtering options allowing them to declare whether or not their app required a device with a touchscreen. This is a good precaution to take with how unpredictable companies can be in using Android these days, but it also tells us that Google TV’s Android market launch could be on its way.

Speculation and wishful thinking, of course, but it’s fact that Google’s launching the Android market on the platform this year so it isn’t too hard to believe that this is directly related. [via Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. they should make a google tv with like a touchpad somewhere that would be great hehe

  2. This has actually been showing up for me for the last month or two on my developer account. Not sure it means anything until we see the SDK with Google TV support published.

  3. SOrry but the ability to filter by touchscreen has been around already for a LONG time. In fact probably since cupcake. It’s just nobody needed to use it.


  4. Google TV has a ‘touchscreen’. It’s not the most convenient way (clicking is fine, swiping is hard to do), but the mouse is used as a touch-device.

    The feature “android.hardware.touchscreen” has been available for quite a while now, since Froyo. It only started showing up in the Android Market dev-console rather recently.

  5. Not first

  6. Yea…that’s been there as long as you’ve been able to use those filters. It’s nothing new.

    There is at least one Android phone that does not have a touchscreen.

  7. Clearly we’re looking at the onset of 100% voice-controlled devices running Android.

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