Fruit Ninja Updated with Arcade Mode


Everyone’s favorite fruit slicing adventure has been updated in the Android Market, and with it comes the inclusion of a new Arcade Mode. In Arcade Mode you get one minute to chop as many bananas, watermelons, apples, and more into fruit salad. If you are a Fruit Ninja freak and don’t have the update yet, go ahead and hit the QR or link below to grab it in the Market.

[Thanks, Chris!]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Like can u say FINALLY! I was tired of seeing that question mark……….oh yeahh FIRST! LOL

  2. Got all three Feint achievements in Arcade mode already. Still a lot of fun!

  3. YES!!!!!!1 Loving it! If you wanna add me on Feint, name is Inyrules

  4. I, for one, am dissapointed with the update. After jealously watching iPhone equipped friends using arcade mode, finally receiving Arcade mode should have been satisfying. When I played it after installing the update however, I noticed that the graphics quality had taken a hit (though it did slightly improve performance), and ALL of the words that didn’t surround a swipeable option (Dojo, New Game, etc) became little multi-colored blocks. I can’t see scores, blade/wall descriptions, or anything else. What a letdown. I tried both uninstalling/reinstalling and soft reset, but to no avail on my HTC Hero. Any suggestions?

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