Motorola Atrix 4G Passes the FCC


And one step closer to its release, the Motorola Atrix 4G has passed the FCC. There it is in all its 5GHz Wi-Fi, 850/1900 MHz 3G glory rocking the MB860 model number. This phone that basically transforms into a computer is on many an Android geek’s wish list, now we just await the final release details.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Does this support 2.4GHz WiFi as well, eg. 802.11b/g?

  2. I know that it is probably usual, but i am not liking seeing “pre-production” under “test device serial number.” If it is launching soon, i would think it would be in production and ramping up to ship to AT&T…
    Maybe not though…

  3. So when exactly did it pass FCC? I see the document today, but how long ago did it actually pass?

  4. Great phone on paper but locked bootloader + AT&T = no go for me

  5. Motorola is about to bring Apple to it’s knees.

  6. I have good information that its launching early Feb. (1st half) by no means officially but info from someone who would have the ability to know

  7. Will this every come to Verizon?!?!? It will be in my pocket the very first day if it ever does!

  8. bootloader

  9. ATT has better internet than Tmo and VZ

  10. More Locked Bootloaders!!!!! MOTO I HATE YOU!!!!!!

  11. I DON’T care what you guys say I will be having the most powerful phone in the world MOTO DUAL CORE! Almost their!

  12. Unfortunately Moto hasn’t quite figured out how to make Exchange Sync work on any of their motoblur phones, including the new “business ready” Droid Pro and Droid2 Global phones. Hopefully they’ll get this sorted for Atrix.

    Moto Support acknowledged the problem two months ago then apparently gave up and went “dark”. I’m not buying another Moto device until they prove it works with Exchange!


  13. Verizons version of this will be the Motorola Droid Bionic

  14. “3G glory”? Isn’t this a 4G phone?

  15. @Damar1979 but the bionic will run on 4g and a different motoblur skin :) , but will not have a laptop dock, fingerprint reader, or 1gb of ram. :(

  16. This is AT&T’s lifeline after losing Exclusive rights to IPhone. They are also getting the Samsung Infuse 4G and maybe the Sony Ericsson Arc.

  17. Locked bootloader or not, I don’t care I’ll be buying one of the new/best powerhouse phones that will be coming to the AT&T mobile market!

  18. #7, it’s there, not their… Just saying.

  19. I know motor’s Rep, and I’m not expecting anything different, but does anyone have evidence to CONFIRM that the bootloader is actually locked??

  20. Okay, lets all take a step back to realize that this is going to be potentially the most powerful smartphone out.

    The Droid X was eventually rooted, and a bootstrap was made to overcome the bootloader lock, allowing custom ROMs. I know it’s a lot of work from the looks of it, but I guess my point is that for those that aren’t getting it for the sole purpose of a locked bootloader, the chances of it being UNlocked is fairly high.

    Correct me if any of this is wrong…
    Because if it is, I’d like to know since I’m thinking about getting this over the Infuse (even though I LOVE my Captivate running Cognition…)

  21. I think the things you will be able to do with this phone, are going to be more interesting to me, than whether or not I can flash the latest kernel.. Am extremely interested in how far I can push the Linux side of it.. just off the top of my head, I can foresee adding a drive, partitioning, and booting into other Linux distros and different window managers.. Time to stop worrying about whether or not I have the latest window transition animation, it’s going to be fun tweaking this thing.

  22. Locked bootloader+moto updates= skip it. It will not be the last dual core phone with ddr (this year even). If moto ships the bootloader unlocked sounds great. I was drooling over this phone until I heard the bootloader was locked and company rep gloated over it. Nice hardware, but crappy software. Xda may figure the thing out, but what are the att contracts going to be? My guess is a 2gig cap. This great piece of hardware will be rendered junk to the general public and a bitch to fix.

  23. Designgears is going to be deving for both the Infuse AND the Atrix. Odds of this thing getting cracked just increased 1000%.

  24. @10tonhammr, with AT&T it’s a foregone conclusion. In fact, they lock down harder than most. And don’t expect the encryption to be broken anytime soon.

  25. WTF when is verizon getting this or somthing better ????

  26. Fantastic phone!

  27. I got the locked boot loader blues , so according to Motorola if I buy this phone it is not mine it is theirs just leased to me , unlock the boot loader for Christ sakes or make a utility that makes for fool proof ROM flashing so we can customize our phone , after all they are ours once we purchase them !!!!!!!!!!!

  28. You can make an argument about ownership if you pay full unsubsidized retail price for the unit. If you buy it with contract and a subsidized price, you are effectively paying for it on an installment plan and you do not own it outright until your contract period ends. Even then, you still have to use someone else’s bandwidth to use the phone, in this case AT&T, and they do have a right to control which devices can use their network and how those devices operate.

  29. ROM the Spaceknight, you can still make the argument about ownership with the subsidized contract price. When you try to cancel your contract, you will get hit with an early termination fee. You essentially bought the phone on an installment plan. As for the bandwidth issue, that’s why we need net neutrality rules even for mobile Internet.

  30. When you buy a phone, subsidized or “full retail”, you by law, own it completely. Its yours to sell, break, lose, or drown in a toilet. The caveat is that you are of course still bound to your contract. Whether you use or even have the subsidized phone is irrelevant. You are enticed to sign the contract by a phone that is at a lower-than-retail price. Fundamentally the phone is on sale, and as such becomes the property of the purchaser, and as such, the purchaser should have end user rights to modify, improve, or customize their own property. That is what ownership entails.

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