Future LauncherPro Updates Bringing Screen Transitions, Gmail Widget


Yes, folks: it appears Federico is still alive. (We were afraid he might have starved himself trying to work on his LauncherPro rewrite.) Word from Droid-Life says he’s looking to push out another update for the current version of LauncherPro tomorrow that’ll bring some custom window transitions, while an update the week afterward will introduce an all-new Gmail widget. (Scrollable, we hope, and for Plus users, we imagine.) This’ll be the first update since December 7th, so we know you’re all itching for more right about now. We’ll be checking tomorrow to see if this plays out.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Woot bring it on.

  2. I’d like to see a video of this first.

  3. I wonder if he is going to add Honeycomb like screen transitions.

  4. Wow he’s back, unfortunately for him I switched to ADW Ex while he was gone.

  5. Great app. Fede is busy with the rewrite and folks got spoiled with all the frequent updates he was putting out before. I’m sticking with LPP!!!!

  6. How about weather? This is the one thing it’s lacking that keeps me from using LauncherPro.

  7. LPP is awesome. There are many other weather widgets out there, the pluses of LPP far outweigh that small detail. Looking forward to the gmail widget.

  8. Transitions are nice, but only if they are fast. If there is any noticeable lag then it will be too annoying. A Gmail widget would be cool, as would some added theming ability: changing widget colors, square corners instead of rounded ones, etc. In any event, I’m glad he is continuing to provide updates!

  9. I’m really crossing my fingers and hoping that he’s updated the Messaging widget to show only the most recent message from any given contact. I’d like to be able to see the last message from several people, rather than the last several messages from the last person I had a conversation with.

  10. I would like to see improvements on the calendar widget.

  11. Hmmm, would be awesome to have transparent notification bar and app drawer, unless I can mod this on my own if anyone could share?

  12. hopefully the new push will fix the compatibility issue on rooted NOOKcolor devices.

  13. @jdog25 +1

  14. Best launcher. Period.

  15. ADW EX > *

  16. the update is out now

  17. I like and paid for ADW-EX but it is the lack of widgets that makes me stay with LauncherPro. Just updated, he added similar transitions to ADW-EX but no Gmail widget yet he says maybe next week for the widget.

  18. Hello. I hope that the next update includes the ability to add themes. God bless.

  19. I’m glad so many suckers changed to ADW EX, it is cool to have someone to laugh at :p LOSERS

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