Dec 7th, 2010


We just got done reporting that Federico Carnales – LauncherPro’s beloved developer – would be bringing an update sometime early this week. And while we assumed that could be anytime today, we didn’t want to get our hopes up. Thankfully, he delivered just as we expected him to and the secret features are quite the doozy.

For starters, whenever you try to swipe past your first or last homescreen, you’ll have the option to trigger the “virtual looping” feature which will take you back to the the first or last homescreen, depending on which side you’re swiping from. Sounds cool and is another option that just adds to the marvelous experience that LauncherPro already was.

The other feature introduced is a gesture for showing “Recent Apps”. Not unlike holding the home button on your phone, setting this gesture up will bring up your twelve most recently-used apps. Simple in practice, but it’s quite nice regardless. You can find the new version of LauncherPro in the Android market now. [via LauncherPro]