LauncherPro Update (0.8.2) Now Live, Adds Virtual Looping, “Recent Apps” for Swipe Gestures



We just got done reporting that Federico Carnales – LauncherPro’s beloved developer – would be bringing an update sometime early this week. And while we assumed that could be anytime today, we didn’t want to get our hopes up. Thankfully, he delivered just as we expected him to and the secret features are quite the doozy.

For starters, whenever you try to swipe past your first or last homescreen, you’ll have the option to trigger the “virtual looping” feature which will take you back to the the first or last homescreen, depending on which side you’re swiping from. Sounds cool and is another option that just adds to the marvelous experience that LauncherPro already was.

The other feature introduced is a gesture for showing “Recent Apps”. Not unlike holding the home button on your phone, setting this gesture up will bring up your twelve most recently-used apps. Simple in practice, but it’s quite nice regardless. You can find the new version of LauncherPro in the Android market now. [via LauncherPro]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Awesome……….

  2. Updating roooite now.

  3. Yes!! Launcher Pro FTW!! Love this launcher.

  4. Wish it had 3d landscape app drawer like the tranq launcher with no lag.

  5. How do you get the ‘recent apps’ dock feature?

  6. @jiggy, you have to long press on an icon on the dock and select swipe gesture then select show pop-up.. G2 all day!

  7. Also note that you must be using LauncherPro Plus – the paid version – to access gesture swipes.

  8. yes true indeed..

  9. Recent apps swipe shows 11 (though probably 12 if I ran that many) apps, not 4. :)

  10. @Ah even better. My mistake!

  11. Excellent! One of the best apps I ever paid for.

  12. Really? Over a month for this update and we get useless looping and a feature accessible by holding the home button. Glad I upgraded.

  13. LauncherPro has been getting progressively worse as he adds more things.

  14. @Bob Dole
    Last I checked, none of the updates are required. If you liked previous incarnations of LP/LPP, there’s no reason to change it. If you want the newer features, they sometimes come at a cost. Can’t have your cake and eat it too..

  15. @bob dole: I agree. I have started using ADW. It is still nice and lean. I love the ability to have no dock, and expand your desktop down, in the place of it. LPP has some nice features, but has become too bloated. Maybe the rewrite will be better.

  16. I’t fucking fast with C.M. 6.1 Galaxy S , Great Work, it’s AWESOME!

  17. Virtual Looping is a bit laggy but I do love the Recent Apps swipe popup.

  18. @Dave: You have to update to get bug fixes.

  19. Brought my little Eris back to life with this app and CyanogenMod 6.1
    ADW is very laggy on my device comparatively.
    Putting LPP on my android froyo tablets as well.
    Nice job DEV. Got a winner here!

  20. as far as i can tell, the new features don’t have any negative effects if you already like the way it is. i could be wrong, but it seems a little smoother and quicker. if you don’t want “virtual looping” or the “recent apps” drawer, don’t set them up. they are not required.
    i will say this: using the LP widgets seems to slow my phone down quite a bit. it’s almost time to update my original moto droid…

  21. @Quentyn Kennemer : I get 15 recent apps on my G2, not 4 or 12. It’s kind of annoying because there is an empty spot in the bottom right hand corner where the 16th should be. Strange that it seems to be a different number for everyone.

    Hmm, bizzare, It just filled in the 16th spot. Glitchy.

  22. I love LauncherPro. I wish I could remap the press/hold of the home button to launch LauncherPro’s 12 recent apps instead of Android’s 8 though. :) Maybe for the next release?

  23. Since I don’t have that much space left in my internal memory to spare (haven’t rooted my N1), I use Zeam launcher as it’s small, lean and fast. It also supports scrollable widgets, which is good for the only scrollable widget that I do use (Android Agenda). :-)

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