Kongregate Pulled from the Market One Day after Release For Violation of Developer Distribution Agreement


We hear almost regularly of Google pulling certain Android apps from the Market. Though they generally are pirated wares and malicious programs, every once in a blue moon a big name app will get the axe, as was the case with Kongregate. Kongregate, if you recall, just reached the Market yesterday along with 300+ Flash-based games in tow. As the Android Developers Distribution agreement doesn’t allow for the distribution of apps that link to downloads of other apps — and as someone working on the Kongregate app either overlooked or ignored — it has been yanked right out from under our collective nose.

All is not lost, however. Just because the app isn’t allowed to be moved through the Android Market doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly fine to distribute through other channels. The app can still be downloaded from Kongregate’s website and installed on your phone manually, so all is not lost this time.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. These market rules are a bit pointless when you can just download the apk from their website.

  2. 2 things:
    1) How did it get through approval then?
    2) Why is OpenFeints thingy allowed?

  3. @Álmos, not at all. If you download direct, allow unknown apps, you assume all the risk. The market is protecting the unsuspecting.

  4. Versp: there is no approval..

  5. Doesn’t openfeint’s thing just link to apps on the market?

  6. That’s why I figured the pulled it. Now Kongregate should just throw all their games up on the Android Market individually. I don’t see why they can’t put a link to in each game to allowing one to download the Arcade App.

    All those extra games would also add to how jacked up and badly organized the market is. It’s nearly impossible to search for a new app specifically on it.

  7. You’ve got to love Google. If something is breaking the rules or is even illegal, it gets booted from the app store, but its far from completely gone. With the ability to install apps from elsewhere, all is good in the world of Android and Google isn’t responsible anymore.

  8. It’s not installing Apps though. It downloads a SWF file (For games that allow/require it) and lets you play it.

    No Apps are installed to the menu.

  9. I bet they knew it would get pulled but it would be worth free publicity anyway.

  10. Finally, an app to help with Flash game discovery. I want to play Flash-based games on my phone, but finding them is nigh impossible. And Kongregate’s mobile website was much to be desired. Installed.

  11. Do you guys every produce anything original? Or just copy it from other android blogs?

    Wow this is sad. Goodbye Phandroid.

  12. just tried to download it, it says it won’t work on the Motorola droid x. LOLOLOL

  13. @Mrrix32 it does not matter what kind of application, just that it gets outside executable code. Malicious SWFs exist.

  14. Joes comment is stupid and he obviously doesn’t read phandroid very often.

  15. Well, the market needs to protect the less knowledgeable users from not just others but themselves. It’s a good thing that the market isn’t the only channel to distribute the application.

  16. @Joe Goodbye and good riddance

  17. Upload your apps at Aproov ( It’s a far better app store that is completely web-based and doesn’t require the need for the Google Market app.

  18. After having downloaded it and tried a few games (Droid X), it seems to me that flash based games are really ready for prime time on Android. They games were slow, and unresponsive to touch for the most part. Most were quite frustrating to play because of this.

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