Jan 19th, 2011

We hear almost regularly of Google pulling certain Android apps from the Market. Though they generally are pirated wares and malicious programs, every once in a blue moon a big name app will get the axe, as was the case with Kongregate. Kongregate, if you recall, just reached the Market yesterday along with 300+ Flash-based games in tow. As the Android Developers Distribution agreement doesn’t allow for the distribution of apps that link to downloads of other apps — and as someone working on the Kongregate app either overlooked or ignored — it has been yanked right out from under our collective nose.

All is not lost, however. Just because the app isn’t allowed to be moved through the Android Market doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly fine to distribute through other channels. The app can still be downloaded from Kongregate’s website and installed on your phone manually, so all is not lost this time.

[via DroidLife]