Current TV Posts a Handful of User Created Galaxy Tab Ads


The Al Gore-led Current TV is a channel driven by user content, right down to the very ads they play. A recent call for “Viewer Created Ad Messages” went out for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the results are in. While 22 videos made it through as finalists, six were selected to air during the channel’s standard rotation.

The winner is a commercial entitled “Always There 4U,” and it is the story of a man taking his lady on the perfect date and asking for her hand in marriage. If we were on a date with a dude that couldn’t even put his Galaxy Tab down while proposing, we think our answer to the question would be slightly different than the girl’s in the video below (see more at the source link below):

[via Current TV]

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  1. There is great utility in 7″… take that Steve.

  2. That is a really cool Ad! Samsung ought to hire the person that made it!

  3. I like the Galaxy .. and might have been influenced by the ad if the girl was remotely attractive :)

  4. @Compadre. That’s messed up bro. I for one thought she was a very convincing drag queen.

  5. Sold mine this morning. It was nice but had Verizon one and $20.00 per month plus didn’t use it all tht much and I am a big fan of Android. Got the X, Incredible and wife the Droid 2 but Tab wasn’t really worth it.

  6. I have the Tab and I use it all the time. I prefer it over the android phone I had. I actually find myself using it quite a bit. I moved to a $30 prepaid phone from TMobile and got the Tab with data. All in all cheaper than if I had and Android phone with a data plan.

  7. 1500 minutes / or text plus 5GB data but not limited to.

    70 dollars a month

  8. Current TV USED to be the best channel on TV. Now that it has removed most of the viewer created content, it is only rarely worth a watch.

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