Jan 18th, 2011

It’s not the first time it’s happened, nor will it be the last time, but a reader of ours – Bart – brought to our attention a “developer” who’s been posting applications and games that he’s ripped from the internet and passing off as his own. The developer’s name is “jasminstory” and has several titles from GameLoft – such as NOVA HD and Oregon Trail HD – and the Mikandi adult entertainment app published.

What’s alarming is that he’s charging for the apps. While the games are offered cheaper than what GameLoft offers them for, it’s a slimy move and we urge anyone and everyone to stay away. Always be sure to check who you’re downloading your apps from, and if you aren’t sure, do a bit of research. We condemn piracy at any degree – which is why I questioned even shedding light on this injustice.

But my hope is that we can come together as a morally correct group of Android fans and flag these applications as malicious and illegal so Google can find them and take them down. Be a good sport and help us out! (Search “jasminstory” in the market and get flagging.)

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