PSA: Remember to Check Who’s Selling the Wares You Buy


It’s not the first time it’s happened, nor will it be the last time, but a reader of ours – Bart – brought to our attention a “developer” who’s been posting applications and games that he’s ripped from the internet and passing off as his own. The developer’s name is “jasminstory” and has several titles from GameLoft – such as NOVA HD and Oregon Trail HD – and the Mikandi adult entertainment app published.

What’s alarming is that he’s charging for the apps. While the games are offered cheaper than what GameLoft offers them for, it’s a slimy move and we urge anyone and everyone to stay away. Always be sure to check who you’re downloading your apps from, and if you aren’t sure, do a bit of research. We condemn piracy at any degree – which is why I questioned even shedding light on this injustice.

But my hope is that we can come together as a morally correct group of Android fans and flag these applications as malicious and illegal so Google can find them and take them down. Be a good sport and help us out! (Search “jasminstory” in the market and get flagging.)

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I flagged all of them…
    I flagged them as “other objection” then wrote in “Ripped game from developer”.

    the email provided for the apps is “[email protected]

  2. @brewer: Ditto, but I was lazy and just said “Warez” for all of them. Should still get the message across.
    Oh, looks like they already added a few new ripped-off apps since this article was posted. A penguin game and a tetris clone. Yay.
    Man, I hope Google rips into them!

  3. This is actually one of the negatives about the Android market that gives Apple and the iTunes store an 1-up. Since they “approve” everything, it’s less likely that something like this would get through. To the same degree, I don’t think it would be entirely bad if Google Approved apps in a similar way. Not in a restrictive way but that they check the app for viruses, malware, etc and make sure that it hasn’t been ripped off another market app.

  4. what a douche. flagged all of them and wrote “This game is made by GameLoft and this ‘developer’ has stoloen it.”

  5. its not the first time ive seen these they uploaded nova a couple of times now i flag them when i see them

  6. I flagged a few of them. Hopefully, google gets the message!

  7. *stolen

  8. Flagged all of his apps and put stolen app as the description

  9. I can’t figure out how to one star it and write a negative comment saying it is stolen. Anyone else having troubles?

  10. Flagged all of them

  11. @Rick: You can only rate an app after downloading it, which, in the case of paid apps, means paying for it first. Not worth the risk in this case.

  12. I’ve flagged them all; but wouldn’t it be horrible if the guy somehow got a gig’s worth of emails? Just sayin’…

  13. I flagged them all as well. Hope this loser gets banned soon!

  14. Thanks, RebelScum. I guess I’ve never had to rate an app without downloading first. And definitely not going to risk this one.

  15. I flagged the sh*t out of him. Does anyone know where to find the real Assassin’s Creed?

  16. Flagged all as warez.

  17. Wow, didn’t know that people would really stoop so low. I’m going through and flagging all the apps and will hopefully have the time to get a post up on my blog about it as well.

  18. @jmax you gotta go straight to GameLoft’s website to get it

  19. @ Nick, it’s at

  20. Alright! Now I know where to find cheap games!

  21. I just sent emails to the developers of the original applications, and Gameloft’s licensing manager.

  22. I may have just helped him receive some additional email. BTW, his email is: [email protected]

  23. Well, looks like Jaminstory is out of business, at least for the moment – don’t find anything when searching the market for him.

    Good job, Phandroids.

  24. Still showing up in the market for me. Marked all as warez. C’mon lets bring this douche down.

  25. Thank you for the heads up guys! Looks like our app is out of the Market now, but we’ve gone and flagged the ‘developer’s’ remaining apps.

    If any developer finds their stolen app in our market, please contact us asap at developer{at}mikandi{dot}com and we’ll remove it immediately.

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