[Update] Major Retailer and Resale Shop GameStop to Announce Kongregate Application, In-Store Promotion


GameStop’s expected to announce an Android application for Kongregate – the online repository for free ad-supported games – sometime today. The application would feature hundreds of free games and would be GameStop’s first step into their mobile gaming strategy. The digital part of it is nothing new: GameStop already works with major publishers for console and handheld games for digital distribution of their games both in-store and online.

But it’s the first time we’ve seen GameStop really get serious about mobile. They’ll promote Kongregate in-store, informing smartphone-owning customers about the many free games available to them. (We imagine a handy QR code of some sort would be on prominent display.)

The application will integrate with Kongregate’s existing social-enabled site, allowing users to manage their account and track their favorite games’ progress both on the desktop and on the go. Unfortunately, Kongregate’s flash roots will come back to bite a few of us in the butt as the new application is still flash-based and will require a device with Android 2.2 or higher.

GameStop’s urgency is fueled by an exploding tablet market that really made its biggest splash and statement at CES – there was no shortage of tablets to play with, and as GameStop sees that market expanding even further in 2011, they don’t want to be left behind. Kudos to you guys. [via ATD]

[Update]: In the market now, folks. Unfortunately I have a Samsung Epic 4G so I can’t test this out because… yea. But if you have an Android 2.2 phone with flash, then make no delay in finding it in the market by searching “Kongregate”.

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  1. excellent news for adobe and the android platform

  2. These are just the flash games available through Adobe Showcase. No need for an extra app.

  3. This is awesome. It works great on my nexus s.

  4. I dont think this can be said to be the first mobile gaming they have gotten serious about. They did a good job trying to get the n-gage going but i think that was a device released before its time, cuz personally i loved it. But i am a little dissapointed that this app will require what i assume to be full flash and not simply mobile flash.

  5. unable to find this on the market. Droid Inc 2.2 Flash 10.1 Has it been pulled off of the market?

  6. Can’t find it on my Evo.

  7. I don’t see it in the market on my Nexus S (stock 2.3.1)

  8. Great news to hear flash portals moving into the mobile market. However, from a developer standpoint the only use this will serve is a good outlet for free demo apps. Admob revenue is horrendous.

  9. If you dont know
    now ya know

  10. Has been removed from market. Can be downloaded directly from their website. http://www.???????

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