LG’s G-Slate Possibly Heading to Europe Sans 4G


The tablet that has come to be known as the T-Mobile G-Slate could be headed to Europe. Whether or not the G-Slate name sticks on an international version of what we once called the Optimus Pad, one thing that most likely won’t make the trip is a 4G radio. According to LG’s James Choi a 3G only version might make its way to Europe, considering a lack of serious 4G support in that area of the world.

The verdict is still out on when the G-Slate is coming to any area of the world, but it should be a pretty solid tablet 4G or not. Android Honeycomb and some potentially killer internals make it one of the tablets we are looking forward to most eagerly.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. FIRST

  2. Ok TMO, I’m supposed to be drooling over what? How about releasing some actual specs. So far all they have said is equivalent to “I’m releasing a car that runs on racing fuel. Everyone drool, it’s fuel for fast cars.” Yet it could be any old diesel engine actually powering the car. I’m not impressed yet.

  3. @chimphappyhour

    They aren’t releasing specs because the G-Slate in actuality will be exactly like the XOOM but on T-Mobile exclusively.

  4. No 4G?

    T-Mobile don’t have 4G in the US – they’re just calling HSPA+ 4G. HSPA+ was deployed in Europe before it was in the US, it’s just the carriers here don’t talk quite as much(*) crap to their customers.

    * – It’s pretty close…

  5. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that it will also have an HSPA+ radio. It’s just that the USA will be the only country to *call* it “4G”. According to Wikipedia there are current or planned HSPA+ deployments in Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia.

    Similar to how the Desire HD has HSPA+ in all its forms, but AT&T is the only company calling it “Inspire 4G”.

  6. HSPA+ at the rates we’re talking IS 4G. Meets or beats current and future speeds of 4G standards. Anybody who says its not is full of it. The HSPA+ speeds have never been so fast as they are now or are going to be, so yeah if regular WiMax and LTE as they stand can be called 4G then HSPA+ can be as well.

    Damn hypocrites, seriously.

  7. JFC!!! USA does not have 4G…deal!

  8. LTE is running out or is running in several countries in Europe as I speak. I if they plan these to go on two year contraxta, and they certainly should make it 4G as even more countries (including the UK :D) should have some 4G by then

  9. @ galen20K – 4G seems to be defined by many as 100mbps (or higher).

    No deployed HSPA+ network in the world is actually advertising these speeds to customers or providing the hardware to do same.

    If telcos are achieving these speeds in testing environment, thats fine, but until these speeds actually reach the customer via compatible hardware, customers are not on a 4G service.

    Theoretical speeds in lab conditions are not relevant in real world applications unless they can be deployed as a stable, accessible service. At the moment HSPA+ is only HSPA+. It cannot going to be a regarded as a 4G service until is commercially available at 4G speeds.


  10. Common guys keep up with the news! ITU has redefined Hspa+ as 4G in the US..quit acting so ignorant

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