Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Begins Rollout of Pinch-to-Zoom Update this Week in Japan


We just saw yesterday that Sony Ericsson is going above and beyond the call of multi-touch with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, but lest you forget, the company also decided after a long period of waffling that they would indeed implement multi-touch support into the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. If you recall, that phone was said to not be able to support multi-touch for a combination of software and hardware reasons, which is exactly why the update that will begin rolling out this week for NTT DoCoMo in Japan doesn’t enable much more than pinch-to-zoom. It isn’t guaranteed to work in all third-party apps, either.

It’s more than nothing, and a lot more than SE originally said would be possible, so let’s not look to harshly on the update. There is no timeframe for when it may make it to other corners of the world, so like with the Android 2.1 update for the X10 it is probably best to sit tight.

[via Engadget]

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  1. lol… Poor SE

  2. I wonder how pissed are Japanese about SE…

  3. I suspect this phone is capable of 32 points multitouch, that’s why Sony’s been denying MT features for so long, although devs knew it ain’t true.

  4. Yeah… 32 points, just like the arc. Hmm, I’m really convinced.


  5. So long SONY it was nice meeting you. RETURN TO MY MOTOROLA and new Atrix!

  6. Still waiting for my 2.1 update promised in November. Where is it for my X10 phone? My carrier is AT&T. Still running 1.6!

  7. Its disappointing that SE is doing this with its customer. Its not even 3 months I bought the phone and now I hear that they are not going to upgrade the Android version. They should have announced this three months earlier I would have stuck with Nokia.

  8. I personally dislike the phone and its OS support. Had so many problems,Phone mike has very low reception quality, speaker output is very low, no multi touch, no OS upgrade.. A FLOP phone with disugusting promises

  9. I got my X10 in May, 2010.
    The 2.1 update came thru in very early december..
    I awoke the other morning, must have been 18 or 19 Jan, to find “Update Available” in my notification bar. It was connected to my home wireless, so I just accepted and went back to sleep.
    It appears that my X10i now supports pinch to zoom..
    Funny, it’s never been an issue for me, i have no problem using, and am very accustomed to using, the double tap, or the +/- buttons to zoom..

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