Aldiko eReader Updated to Version 2.0


While Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and the more recent Google Books eat up most of the limelight when it comes to eReading on your Android, Aldiko is one app that has been chugging along and doing its thing for a little while now that hasn’t received quite as much attention. The eReader for everyone else, Aldiko doesn’t discriminate on where you purchased an ebook as long as it is in one of the supported ePub or PDF format. It also was just recently updated to version 2.0.

Version 2.0 of Aldiko introduces an all new storefront for purchasing books from multiple booksellers all in one location. There is also a large selection of public domain titles. The reading experience is also now enhanced in customization with the ability to alter fonts, text and background colors, alignment and line spacing, and much more. New search, copy/paste, and bookmark features add to the reading experience, and an advanced library organizes all your books in one place by various filters. A lot more has changed, so if you haven’t checked out Aldiko yet there is no better time than now. Get the updated version in the Android Market.

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  1. We have Aldi stores in town too

  2. @ vermin. aldi sucks

    i love my Aldiko/Calibre set up. i torrent a ton of books and enjoy not paying for things.

  3. Keep trying them all. Keep ending up back at FBReader. I just like the level of customization.

  4. it supports pdf now? is it decent?

  5. PDF support is not what I expected. I was hoping for “reflowing” of the text to fit the screen, from pdf files, so I can use the pdf files directly. But it doesn’t work like that. You still have to zoom in, so it’s no different than Adobe Reader. That was the biggest feature that I was expecting. Besides that, the new interface seems to be faster. I haven’t played that much with it yet to test all the new stuff.

  6. As much limelight as the others get, Aldiko remains the one app that can open files that I didn’t buy at the store that released that app. With that, it continues to get my full support. I was hoping google books would, but no. If they want to compete with iBooks on the tablet, they better add that feature with 3.0. Anyway, off to update.

  7. gotta love aldi’s

  8. Looks good, but needs autoscroll function for use on small screens. My thumb gets tired.

  9. @iamsteventucker “i torrent a ton of books and enjoy not paying for things.”

    thief. You can get copyright-free material without paying for it.

    Otherwise, pay for people’s work and the quality of it.

    I make ePub eBooks our authors and designers have worked hard on. We sell them all sub £5. I agree illegal-file sharing is a wonderful charity for those who can’t afford the material. But those who can and choose to steal it are assholes.

  10. Not sure what you mean about Aldiko not displaying pdf’s properly because my paid version works really well.

    The only android app I ever paid for and feel my money was well spent because i use it almost everyday.

    And to the pirate bum…..a lot of people do it. Most are not stupid enough to make a incriminating statement like that where it can be tracked back to your ip.

    I actually hope you get a visit from the feds for being a stupid idiot.

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