ARM-Powered Google TV Devices on the Way


Despite some recent hacking opening up root on the Google TV platform, the modified version of Android has remained a fairly closed system since it’s release last fall. Part of this is due to it being one of the only versions of Android designed to run on x86 CPU architecture with Intel chips powering the current lineup of GTV devices. Now word is leaking down from inside Google that a version of the software is in the works that would be compatible with ARM-based processors, much like the rest of the Android world.

While exact details and availability of this version are far from being known, a benefit of such a system could include lower cost hardware at the cost of some processing power and possibly video quality. It would certainly be a kick in the right direction, as Google TV has suffered a bit from a high price tag for untested technology. We still love it, and anything that could possibly get it into more hands is a welcome innovation.

[via ARMDevices]

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  1. If this is true, I really hope they go for at least 1080p capable hardware and dual-core. And with 1080p I mean full acceleration for MPEG2, H.264, VC-1, DivX and WebM not just H.264.

  2. So might be all new hardware too? Might get all the people that bought the original upset. but this is what I’ve been waiting for

  3. boxee switched from the tegra 2 to the intel atom because it supposedly couldnt handle all the video

  4. Sell it to blu ray manufacturers instead of the silly internet content menu system they’re using now. Samsungs talking about doing it already

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