SwiftKey Keyboard On Sale, Time Running Out to Signup for VIP Program


After an impressive showing at the 2011 CES Mobile App Showdown, I finally decided to give SwiftKey a real honest to goodness shot, and so far I have been far from disappointed. I still here Swype calling me back from the distance if only due to easier text entry, but the predictive text of SwiftKey is pretty darned amazing. Now if only SwiftKey introduced swiping as a method of input I could hang up that other keyboard for good…

Anyway, it’s high time for anyone who hasn’t checked out the replacement keyboard to give it a shot, as TouchType has knocked down the price of SwiftKey to $1.99 from $3.99 for a limited time. You also only have a limited amount of time to sign up for the company’s VIP program; registration closes on January 18th. Take advantage of both before time runs out.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. LOVE THIS KEYBOARD!! Maybe I am old, I don’t know, but I just can’t get into swyping so I was thrilled when I tried this keyboard. The predictive text is great, and another feature that I really like is the long press numbers on the top row. I hate having to switch back and forth for just a few numbers so this is great. FYI, there is a free trial if you want to give it a shot prior to spending the $2.

  2. *I still hear Swype :)

  3. I have both, and I still use swype every once in a while, but swiftkey knows me well enough that it’s rare that I have to type more than 2 letters for each word. AND I don’t have to mess around with uninstalling/reinstalling swiftkey every time I install a new rom. Reinstalling gets really annoying on Swype.

  4. I have and use both Swype and SwiftKey (along with Vlingo).

    All three are great tools in a given context and I don’t think they can be compared except in the context of how they are used.

    As much as I love Swype, I end up using SwiftKey most of the time for one feature: I use the “voice to text” feature a fair amount and SwiftKey formats the entry (capitalizes first word and ready for whatever punctuation to put at the end of the sentence).

    Now, if we could just have SwiftKey that Swypes with a “voice button” that links to Vlingo…..

  5. @Tim The Gingerbread Keyboard has the numbers when you long-press on the top row. I’m using it on my G1 and it’s awesome. It’s a lot better than the 2.2 keyboard. But I know Swiftkey is better than the 2.3 keyboard as far as predicting text because it actually learns from your texts and such. So the more you use it, the better it gets. I used Swiftkey when it first came out and it was free. Now I have to pay for it because I didn’t keep it installed on my phone. But I have a G1 and I’ve tried several ROMs and such and the G1 barely has any memory for apps…

  6. This is *faster* than swype, because you can alternate between both thumbs, so you don’t have to move one thumb/finger over such a great distance. It’s also much faster than the built-in keyboard (even the Gingerbread keyboard) because it supports proper multitouch key detection and has much better error correction.

  7. I finally made the jump to the paid version of SwiftKey after giving quite a few keyboards a try. Although not perfect it is by far the fastest typing for me. $2 is a no brainer for me. If you like it now is the time to buy. Not sure what the vip program is I’ll have to check it out.

  8. I’m trying this thing out now. It’s pretty freaking impressive. It’s too bad that Google hasn’t baked something like this into Android.

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