Japan to Receive Disney-Branded Android


Disney might be out of the branded cell phone game in the US, but over in Japan where the good times are still rolling for Micky Mouse and crew it is a different story. A brand new Android smartphone is coming for Disney fans in the Land of the Rising Sun. OK, brand new might be a bit of a stretch seeing as this phone looks like it is indeed a re-branded version of the Sharp Galapagos 003SH, the glass-free 3D Android 2.2 handset featuring a 9.6MP CMOS camera and 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

To further Disney-fy the experience, those picking up the handset will get an exclusive email adress (@disney.ne.jp) and their choice of one of several case options. Kawaii!

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. This is actually a great way to introduce android to a younger market! Thumbs up!

  2. 9.6MP?! Nice

  3. 3D?!

  4. Damn wtf are 10 year olds gonna do with 9.6 mega pixels?
    Promoting sexting disney?

  5. I know at least a dozen girls that would buy this thing for that clock alone! LOL Why no US release? I am sure it would be HOT!

  6. It’s glass-free, eh?

  7. Can we get a port of that clock widget ASAP please. a rip of the sure to be multiple wallpapers would be nice too.

  8. I think they meant “glasses-free 3D”

  9. i would totally buy this. Disney+Android = a major win in my book.

  10. I want that clock widget!

  11. I can see Disney really endorsing a 3D phone as that seems to go along with their 3D movie strategy.

  12. Where can you get that clock widget!!!
    This rom is getting ported!!

  13. I’m with Omega_Man.

    That Mickey Head Clock widget rocks! I want, I want.

  14. ….so japan gets a disney phone while we in the US await the release of a psp phone. seriously though, lets see this 9.6MP camera in one of our phones

  15. glass-free 3D is so cool.

  16. Who’s Disney’s single largest shareholder again?

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