Dell Streak 7 Landing at T-Mobile February 2nd?


While the T-Mobile G-Slate, the carrier’s first 4G tablet with Android 3.0, remains a mystery in terms of release date, the Dell Streak 7, the carrier’s first 4G tablet of any kind, looks to be getting a release on February 2nd. That is what an internal document snagged by TMoNews says, anyway.

In other news, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will apparently reach its end of life at the end of January just in time to make way for the new set of 4G devices. We know Samsung has a 4G Galaxy Tab for Verizon, but it remains to be seen how they plan to fill the gap on other carriers.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Ughh… Sammy… you dissapoint. End of Life already??

  2. i wonder if there will be a 4G version of the Galaxy Tab or if they will jump to the the new Honeycomb version.

  3. For anybody on T-mobile I would wait for the G-slate because I doubt that this or the Tab will get Honeycomb. If they do it will be 6 months after the G-slate comes out and they will have a skin on them.

  4. That answers what I’ve been debating all weekend, time to root the Tab. Still a great tablet, just poor planning on Samsungs side.

  5. I just don’t see you the point in getting a 7inch tablet. My phone is 4inch. So in order for me get one it have been 10inch or better.

  6. The 1st and last Samsung that I will buy

  7. What is the point of 7 inch tab that is unable to make phone calls?

  8. With my Samsung Tab my data plan is half the price of a voice plan with Sprint, and i didn’t make voice calls very often anyway. Text messages are sufficent for me, which are unlimited.

  9. I’ll wait for the G SLate which “may” include a 3D display. Of course it will be higher end than this with Honeycomb included from the get go as well. Just need a RElease date!

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