HTC EVO 4G Drops to $99 on Amazon


While Amazon’s method of pricing in their new Android app store remains questionable for now, their pricing on handsets keeps getting better. The HTC EVO 4G, which still resides at $199.99 from Sprint, is now available for a bargain $99.99 when purchased through Amazon. Available in both black and white color schemes, the EVO is by no means an outdated handset despite its release back in early summer of last year. While better things are sure to come, you still can beat the EVO for power and features. So jump on this price now if you’re feeling the 4G bug.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. I wish we had those prices in Canada. We’re all stuck with horrible 3 year contracts.

  2. Once you have your new EVO from Amazon contact us to activate your EVO or any Sprint device.

  3. Never fails, just when you think you got a good deal at the time of purchase something like this rears its ugly head. it’s been said patience is a virtue

  4. Im really not bashing anyone here, so dont take this the wrong way…(after all, many people didnt know about the amazon pricing)…anyway, the Evo and the Epic 4G have been fluctuating between $150 and $99 on amazon for several months now. I know this because for a few months before Christmas all the way up to the Holiday, I was watching the prices every day in order to get the lowest price for a gift for someone. (got them the Epic…their choice lol).

    Really, if you are looking to get a new device on contract, I would highly sugest amazon first. In my few months of shopping for the best price, they blew away everyone else, including the wirefly’s, carriers, and big box stores of the world….and that is for all phones.

  5. I bought my evo a month ago at this price.

  6. Typo?

    While better things are sure to come, you still “can” beat the EVO for power and features.

    Should be “can’t”, right?

  7. Hmmmm February EVO 5G announcement from Sprint with 3D screen!!!

  8. 5G LOL

  9. This isn’t really new. The Evo was $99 for the past 2 months. The only reason I didn’t get it is cause Amazon doesn’t allow Sprint upgrades.

    So I got mine a month ago from Radio Shack for $149. And my mom got hers for $99 from Radio Shack 2 weeks ago…

  10. Not for upgrades – I am eligable and it shows as $179. gonna keep waiting until after their david blane event.

  11. This is for new customers only, if you aren’t eligible for an upgrade, it’s actually more than the Sprint store charges.

  12. you don’t need 4G

  13. @bmg314 I would look at Wirefly for sure. Better pricing on upgrades and they participate in every affiliate program on earth, which means you can save even more. $50 cash back if you have Bank of America, $30 cash back if you have ebates, $27.50 cash back if you have FatWallet, etc. etc. Plus they put coupons on their Facebook page all the time for $-off or free headsets or memory cards. So with Wirefly if you watch for sales you can get beat Amazon’s price plus cash back and free accessories.

  14. The price has been $99 for a while now…I got mine back in late Nov.

  15. May as well wait for the announcement in about 3 weeks before going head first into a contract/extension…

  16. Just means that whatever Sprint announces on the 7th will more than likely be the successor to the EVO..which if it is, will pretty much get people to save their pennies for that. EVO for $100 is still a great deal for those that dont care about being up to date especially since the EVO set the standard for large phones Last Year.


  18. @Android Fanboy:

    Yeah I looked into all of that (I checked wirefly, BB, as well as several others daily) and in this case the best deal was had at Amazon. Believe me, I was dilligent…for three months…WF just didnt compare, not even once.

  19. iphone 4g for sprint will be announced on the feb. 7

  20. Do you have to buy contract to get this price or can ya just get phone?

  21. OK if you say so. I know Wirefly was 98.88 at one point for new and current customers, and that’s before any coupons or cash back. Not sure about the EPIC.

  22. wow prices got soooooooo low. i just can’t beleibe it. I got mine in june 2010 for $200 it’s the best device so far in the history of smartphones. Worth every penny.

  23. Wow like I bought mine a month ago from radio for that same price. Way to keep up on the price war.

  24. The Evo was set at this price point largely in part as a response to the Evo Shift. I don’t recall it being 99 before the launch of Shift. Having just finished my T-Mo contract the end of 2010, I’ve been watching these prices (along with Verizon and T-Mo) phone for a few months now.

    It’s a great price point. So great, mine is shipping in from New Jersey tomorrow. Gotta love UPS working during MLK Day!

  25. @Adam T: I dont know why this is bugging me, but it is. The EVO and the Epic have been priced on Amazon at $99-$150 since at least October of last year (2010). I know this because as I said above, I had been shopping daily for the best price for a Christmas gift.

    More than any other of the major US carriers, Sprint is very resistant to allowing their prices to be brought down too far(believe me, Ive seen a lot of different sites/stores), so this price at amazon, no matter when it actually started, is pretty damn good.

  26. I just tried to price the Evo, the Epic, and the Evo Shift on Amazon, and the Evo is $179.99 (not $99 as this article states), and the Epic is $199.99 (same price through sprint, etc., and $50 less than I paid when it came out), and the Shift is $149.99 (same price through sprint, or you can get it for $99.99 at Best Buy).

    If you’re talking $30 difference between the Shift and the Evo, definitely pay the extra for the Evo! I still prefer the Epic, due to the SuperAMOLED screen, and the processor, but the Evo would be my #2 choice right now.

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