Thunderbolt ROM Booting on the HTC EVO 4G


RUU leak this, RUU leak that: what does it all mean for the users outside of a few wallpapers, ringtones, and being able to confirm what’ll be included in the software once it’s ready to launch? At least for the Thunderbolt’s RUU and HTC EVO 4G users, it means a ROM based on it will soon be yours. XDA has been hard at work whipping something up so if you’re the type who enjoys this stuff just because, you’ll want to follow along. Not publicly available yet as there are still issues to be ironed out, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. [XDA via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Looking forward to an incredible port!

  2. hmmm, no comments, evo must be a last year thing…sigh..

  3. Actually my EVO 4G has aged very well. For EVO to be an ‘old phone’ it still is one of the premier Android devices afa overall features, speed and build quality. For it’s time it set the bar high and there are alot of ‘newer’ devices I would not buy over EVO.

  4. @ Jorge, the Evo isn’t really last year, it’s jsut only none tech savy users own it, because most nerds think it’s old

  5. I don’t know about you guys, but my EVO is the shiznit…lol

  6. Maybe the Evo owners have been too busy checking to see if this is new sense.

  7. So what’s new in it?

  8. Internet passthrough… interesting! I have seen many people on forums requesting sucha feature.

  9. Alot of new options from Sense 2.0 but one i don’t recognize is “Media Sync” it might be a connection from the phone to the PC to sync to the PC rather than from the PC to the phone to sync your photos/videos you took with the camera (thats my guess).

    Hopefully the Thunderbolt has EPST access via the dialer so we can use hotspot for free and tethering like on the Incredible without rooting :P

  10. do we hafta do something to get this update? is it automatically pushed to the device? do we just need to restart the device? sorry for my ignorance, im a recent blackberry convert (about 3 mos ago) and havent yet rooted my phone, but I gotta say….. LOVE THE EVO THUS FAR!!

  11. my comment was mostly sarcasm, as i have 3 phones on sprint plan 2 being the evo and the latter an epic. usually Evo post blow up, but i was suprised to see no comments on thunderbolt OS running on the EVO. I love my Evo and now that i gave my step daughter the white one for Christmas we have one more thing in common to talk about.

  12. @Jorge, i live in a non 4g area and had some trouble porting my south dakota wtn(wireless telephone number), but thankfully, some nerdy(i mean that in a toally complimentary way) fella figured out the LNP(local number portability) issue and got my EVO to have my old wtn on it!!! Thank you sprint nerdy types!!! LoL

  13. I was running this lame rom on my evo 5 months ago so i hope they plan on giving this new phone something more snappy……

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