T-Mobile Offering All HTC Phones Half-Off after Mail-In Rebate Starting Jan. 19


Yay, deals! This time, T-Mobile’s shaking things up and wants to get HTC’s products out of the door as they’re offering all of their phones for 50% off. You’ll need to be on a family or individual plan with a new two year contract, so no Even More Plus customers. You must sign up for their $30 unlimited data plan to be eligible. You’ll also still be paying full price for the phone upfront, with a mail-in rebate required to receive a Visa gift card with half of what you paid. Promotion begins January 19th and goes on until March 8th. [via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. kinda pissed I didn’t wait to upgrade to MT4G.

  2. This must be for europe. This would not be less expensive in the u.s. If you’re getting half off full price.

  3. Love this. I think I’ll add a MT4G to my collection now.

  4. Lets see if this deal is still around june of next year when it applies to me, lol

  5. Wow, sounds like someone didn’t read what was actually stated. You don’t pay full price for the phone, you pay the 2yr contract price of $199, and you get a rebate of $100. Thats why it doesn’t work for the Even More Plus users. You can get better deals than this on Amazon and other websites.

  6. @Mike: The best time to get something is during CES +/- a few weeks, as manufacturers/carriers/stores try to clear inventory for the new hotness.

  7. Sounds like a scam… Be prepared to spend days on the phone trying to get that rebate! That is what happened to me last time I got suckered into one of those rebate scams! Why else do you think they are not giving it up front???

  8. My mom was planning on getting a G2 this weekend, but she doesn’t want or need the $30 data plan. Oh, well. Good thing Costco has the phone for cheap!

  9. From what I can tell, buying an T-Mobile phone on Amazon means paying a higher price than you would buying it at the local corporate store.

  10. I had no problem getting my rebate when I put my parents on my plan.

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