Gigabyte to Launch the GSmart G1310 Dual-SIM Froyo Android


Gigabyte recently launched their GSmart Rola Android handset, and now comes word of a second in the series. The GSmart G1310 is a dual-SIM smartphone running Android 2.2 at a price you couldn’t shake a stick at. The phone features a 3.2-inch capacitive screen at 320×480 resolution, a 5MP camera, and a measly 528MHz Qualcomm MSM 7225 chip. Couple that with 512MB ROM and 256MB of RAM.

The GSmart G1310 will be available in champagne gold or pearl white when it launches around Europe later in Q1 at the price of 199 euros.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. lol… i know it’s never gonna make its way to brazil, but if it ever did it would be funny, rola means dick over here…

  2. @toddy, lol

  3. Its literally the Mytouch 3G all over again.

  4. The processor is fine for the people who would want dual sim, more about the phone function.. but what 3G freqs ?

  5. This…just sounds…horrible. LOL.

  6. I would agree that for a dual sim phone requirement the capacity this phone has is well enough, plus goodies such as 5 MP camera that is even cool,

    What other details such as frequencies or data , edge/GPRS/3G?

  7. @toddy what does Moto mean then?

  8. Moto in Fijian language means “spear” and Rola in Brasil means “dick”….now you add up …..many women may buy if it came with a vibrating feature !!!!

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