Samsung Galaxy Player 50 Ad Incorporates Choose Your Own Adventure Twist


While there is no telling for now where the Samsung Galaxy Player 50 will be available, that isn’t stopping the Android answer to the iPod from scoring its own set of interactive YouTube ads. We start off with a scene in a grocery store moments before some baddies bust in for a good old-fashioned holdup. Who will save the day? The Galaxy Player 50, obviously, with the help of a cast of characters of your own choosing. Check it out below:

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  2. NO NO NO NO NO…..this is not how they should do it. Samsung…WTF! If you are gonna go after Apple and the iPod Touch this is NOT how you do it. These ads are ridiculous and just freakin weird! I would never by a Player 50 because my Mytouch4G is just perfect for me…but if I were to buy one, these ads would point me straight to a different player. Show me what it does, not random people stopping two IDIOTS from robbing a store. This is just all wrong. I’m not one to rant but GOSH….

  3. I didn’t hear any sound with this video, anyone else? had no idea what wuz goin on.

  4. Samsung need to go back to drawing board. Forgot, they look over shoulder of Apple. Gotta be a better player out there somewhere.

  5. @Toast,
    Really? You had no idea what was going on? I played this at work with sound off and still didn’t miss a thing. Are you just… stupid?

  6. Hm i thought this was actually pretty neat. Is there something wrong with me?

  7. i like the commercials))) they are kinda funnostupid so to say)) but definitely avoke in me kinda feeling of buying this stuff. I am sure this year thye will make more Android-based musical players. Lets wait))

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