Jet Car Stunts Lite Hits the Market, Paid Version Gets a Price Knock


Jet Car Stunts’ release wasn’t that long ago, but it’s already seen a nice price reduction and a Lite version of the game accompanies it on the Android market. You’ll only get 8 tracks compared to the 36 found in the paid version, and you can play three different modes. Our friend Kellex from Droid-Life tells us that those 8 levels aren’t even in the full version, so if you’ve already paid for it, then there’s still incentive to check the Lite version out. I’m jealous of those who are able to find it in the Android market as mine isn’t cooperating with me, but a quick scan of the QR code below or a search of “Jet Car Stunts Lite” in the Android market should do the trick. Here’s a link to it on AppBrain, if that’s your thing.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “not found” for Cliq with 2.1. :(

  2. Ah, I thought it was just me. I’m on a Galaxy S with 2.1

  3. Got it on my nexus s running gingerbread.

  4. Got it on my G2. Sick game! Too bad I have work to do…

  5. Not found on Galaxy S Fascinate 2.1 (Verizon). Is Google screwing up the release of a game that made a lot of top-10 iPhone app lists? The developer has a support page:

    …but I’m afraid to “uninstall updates” for the Market in Settings->Applications->Manage Applications

    Apparently some people can’t get back to the current version of Market after doing this.

  6. Was not able to find it in the market, but the dev was persistent in helping. Finally found it by uninstalling Market updates. Great game, very addictive. Stock Vibrant.

  7. Droid X, Verizon, Found and installing.

  8. Galaxy S i9000 (in Europe) Froyo 2.2. Found it and installing.

  9. OG Droid, Found, installed.

  10. Pretty rad. Played lite version for quite some time already. No problem finding in in the Market on SGS Vibrant (Nero v4).

  11. got it nexus one, ginger bread!!

  12. Not Found.
    Samsung Transform

  13. nexus one, froyo. all good!

  14. Not Found- LG Crappy. I mean LG Ally.

  15. Droid 1 running CM 6 found and installed. Looks like you samsung users need to update to 2.2 already.

  16. This is a problem with the developer or Google, not Samsung. The game works fine on 2.1, they probably put it on the market as a 2.2 only game. I was forced to install it off-market and it works great.

  17. Amazing game :-D
    FroYo 2.2.1 @ Desire HD

  18. found galaxy s 2.2 uk

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