Jan 12th, 2011

Malware attacks are going to increase for Android, and they are coming through Facebook. That’s what anti-virus maker and internet security firm Sophos has to say, anyway. Look, we don’t want to say that smartphones and mobile platforms are invulnerable to viruses and compromising hacks, but seeing this story pop up around the blogosphere made me chuckle just a bit. It sounds like someone is trying to drum up some fear to push their own agenda. Viruses for Android are going to get worse: buy our products.

Maybe they are just being good citizens. After all, they do state that these new attacks will come in the form of malicious Facebook messages. That’s easy enough to avoid, just like most other malware attacks on Android. Don’t open the messages, don’t accept bogus permissions, don’t download sketchy apps to your phone. We want all Android users to be responsible and safe to protect their personal data, but at some point we need to step back and realize the OS is really quite secure. Don’t believe the hype, please.

[via AndroidCommunity]