Jan 6th, 2011

I think these Android Goggles from Recon are the type of technology you have to see, touch, feel, and use in order to fully understand what type of impact it has on your experience. Unfortunately I’m not on a mountain, don’t have skis or a snowboard, and am not able to test them out. But Gizmodo do a pretty good job at explaining this truly unique integration:

Outfitted with eyewear tech from Zeal optics, the Recon-Ready goggles displayGPS maps/data, buddy tracking, spedometers, odometers, thermometers, clocks, stopwatches, run counters and more are all available in the micro LCD heads up display built into the goggles. In addition, these things can interface with Android phones via bluetooth to display Caller ID, text messages and music playlists, without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

The company also intends to create an SDK to allow developers to leverage this technology themselves. How many snowboarders and skiiers out there see this being useful or at least fun to try out? Just make sure you dodge the trees while you’re trying to manipulate your goggles… no goggling while skiing/snowboarding!

[Gizmodo via Recon]