Transform The Slopes With Recon’s Android Ski/Snowboard Goggles


I think these Android Goggles from Recon are the type of technology you have to see, touch, feel, and use in order to fully understand what type of impact it has on your experience. Unfortunately I’m not on a mountain, don’t have skis or a snowboard, and am not able to test them out. But Gizmodo do a pretty good job at explaining this truly unique integration:

Outfitted with eyewear tech from Zeal optics, the Recon-Ready goggles displayGPS maps/data, buddy tracking, spedometers, odometers, thermometers, clocks, stopwatches, run counters and more are all available in the micro LCD heads up display built into the goggles. In addition, these things can interface with Android phones via bluetooth to display Caller ID, text messages and music playlists, without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

The company also intends to create an SDK to allow developers to leverage this technology themselves. How many snowboarders and skiiers out there see this being useful or at least fun to try out? Just make sure you dodge the trees while you’re trying to manipulate your goggles… no goggling while skiing/snowboarding!

[Gizmodo via Recon]

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  1. Holy $&!* I want those so bad. I ski every weekend with endomondo running to keep my speed and distance logged but this would be even better to see everything in real time! And caller id/texts…yes please. Too bad they’re going to be wildly expensive as normal zeal goggles are already out of my price range!

  2. or, imagine using them for war games. buddy tracking, GPS maps, and all the rest, would make for an interesting advantage playing paint-ball in the wild.

  3. That would come in handy while I’m riding my dirtbikes and 4 wheelers too.

  4. I wonder if you get the new contour hd helmet cam with bluetooth if you can see what you’re filming in the goggles…that would be a game changer for POV filmers everywhere!

  5. Give me NOW!!!!!

  6. Kind of wonder why they made something like this specifically for skiers and not general augmented reality goodness.

  7. Funny, I had an idea somewhat like this just a few months ago.

  8. +1 Only for skiers? WTF?! I’m waiting for this technology for us to use ALL the time. This is a good sign though, that it will hopefully be coming soon!

  9. I wonder how much will they cost?

  10. google goggles =P

  11. @Bobbin that’s exactly what I would have called them :P

  12. I’m lovin these things! I used my cellphone last year to record myaelf snowboarding down the slopes last year and it was a pita! I’ve been looking at the Contour HD helmet cams but I think id like these MUCH better!

  13. Too bad Zeal is making the optics…they’re kind of a joke in the high end goggle world.

  14. Screw skiing and snowboarding. Just walk around town wearing these badboys.

  15. Given the temperatures this is intended to operate within I hope they beefed the battery up.

  16. they are being marketed to the skiing crowd because they are known to have well above average amounts of disposable income to burn on a nifty new toy

  17. AWESOME.

  18. The best part is that if you hit a tree, because you are so distracted by the information on the heads up display, the goggles automatically do a Foursquare checkin at that tree for you! Hit three trees, and become Mayor ;-)

  19. Interesting sample of military tech trickling down to civilian use. Why skiers? Primarily, because wearing bulky goggles while skiing is the norm, so there is no awkwardness. See many people just walking about the streets in big goggles? Diving would be another great application, in fact HUD masks for dive computer readouts have been around for years, but generally, getting 3G coverage 60′ underwater in the middle of the Caribbean is a bit problematic.

  20. omg i just jizzed a little. i snowboard and theres would be so sexy to have.

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