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Adobe Flash Player is receiving an update to version as of today. It is most likely a simple bug fix/tweaks release with no major changes mentioned. However, it was brought to our attention by Phandroid regular keller that there is a warning with the latest update to hold off on the new release if you are using a Tegra 2 device.

If you are on Android 2.2 or higher and have Flash Player installed you should get an update notification, if you haven’t installed it you either you should go do it now or your name is Steve Jobs. Speaking of which, as our friends over at DroidLife point out, what better day than the Verizon iPhone announcement to remind everyone that certain operating systems don’t hold users to the desire of a single entity.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. “what better day than the Verizon iPhone announcement to remind everyone that certain operating systems don’t hold users to the desire of a single entity”

    :)google android
    idk how you live without flash?? every website has at least one link to a flash video or something.

  2. long build number?

  3. They need to fix compatibility with Gingerbread.. it runs so bad

  4. Update: I just updated and I guess they have fixed a number of issues on Gingerbread, so thats good

  5. @Acey — the 10.2 update is impending with HUGE improvements across the board, especially with full GPU-rendered video playback. I think it should coincide when Gingerbread devices start shipping

  6. Awww.. I want my name to be on a article. Lol.
    Since the iPhone came out today I don’t know if I should wait for another Droid phone that’s will be released after the bionic.

  7. I’m considered a regular, shweet. *teary eyed* :’)

  8. Funny thing about this. I have flash set to on demand. So my flash usage is hovering about 0%. Regardless, we shouldn’t be so flippant about the iPhone. If it weren’t for jobs, your android devices would look like a blackberry – ie nothing like what you have.


  9. Figures… I don’t use nearly as much on the Droid X as I do on the G Tablet,, but that OF COURSE is the one that has to wait.

    Adobe seems to be having issues dealing with the Tegra 2. Previous releases on my G Tablet are also nothing to write home about yet either.

    And don’t pick on my G Tablet, it is very hacker friendly and the great folks over at XDA have made it a great stop gap tablet for dev work until the Xoom is ready to go.

  10. When is the lg ally going to get flash? I’m feeling pretty left behind

  11. Apple and adobe flash player are big partners? They are fuck as ?

  12. Jan 22 2011…I GOT FROYO THIS MORN!!!! finally, i got came as an auto-update, but

    WHERE IS THE ADOBE FLASH PLAYER? i does NOT show anywhere in the market and ive been looking online and no luck with any links either.

    i thought 2.2 was sposta allow flash.

    thought anyone?

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