US Cellular Provides Froyo Timeline for All Their Android Phones


US Cellular’s done the unimaginable: they’re actually updating their customers on upgrade schedules for their phones! (That tone isn’t a knock against US Cellular at all, rather against some of the other big carriers who could stand to be a bit more transparent with their upgrade schedules. Some of this looks very good, and some very bad – especially with the Mesmerize not getting 2.2 until March – but at least you know regardless of which side of the rainbow you fall on. Here are the phones and their respective windows:

  • Samsung Acclaim: Mid-January
  • HTC Desire: End of January
  • Samsung Mesmerize: March 2011
  • LG Apex: March 201

[via USCC FaceBook]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Their Galaxy S (Mesmerize) won’t be getting it until March?! Wow Samsung, just wow.

  2. Yeah, try owning a Moto Milestone in europe, we still dont know when were getting it officially. It was meant to be Q4 2010 but is now sometime in Q1. I feel your pain Galaxy S owners :)

  3. apparently the lg apex has had froyo about 1800 years now and we never knew it :P

  4. Us cellular sucks!!! Very spotty service and low tech phones.

    I like T-mobile the best.

  5. lol@austin

  6. US cellular sucks? T Mobile is better? Are you high? US cellular is the best carrier hands down where I live. T Mobile doesn’t even have service around here.

  7. US Cellular may not be as big as TMo, Sprint, AT&T, or VZW but they offer good service in most of the areas they work.

    I had them for 8 years with zero problems that weren’t easily solved. I switched to Sprint in Dec. 09 to get a better phone with cheaper service. If USCC had the Desire back then, I’d still be with them.

    A roommate of mine switched from them to TMo a couple years ago – because he was moving out of state the following month and where he was moving he was told TMo had great service. Before moving, he would miss calls sitting on the same couch where USCC worked wonderfully. Then he moved and would drop calls on TMo too. He’s now with Sprint.

    My mother recently upgraded to Android at my urging and I loved playing with her Desire. She’ll be happy to hear she can get 2.2 end of the month.

  8. That’s right bigbicyclenerd, most live in areas where it’s illegal to fornicate with livestock, lol!

  9. I have had Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile they all have horrible customer service and service in general. US CELLULAR ROCKS BABY!!!!!!

  10. Im not buying it. They have announced that it will be out at the end of the month for the last 4 Months. They are full of it.

  11. Atleast they give there subscribers a date. That makes the big 4 looks bad lol.

  12. If you haven’t tried this mobile company them you really don’t know what your missing. Are there some dead spots, sure. What company doesn’t have those? From talking to people who use att, verizon and t-mobile in this area, those spots are much smaller and fewer and farther between. Their customer service CAN’T be beat! And are moving forward with updated phones.

  13. It’s “their,” and I’d rather have no schedule announced than get 2.2 after 2.3 is released.

  14. Everyone. Everyone. Take a deep breath and repeat after me. It is not the carriers. It is Samsung. They are the ones who need time to integrate their crappy touchwiz interface on top of 2.3. Anybody who tells you to blame the carriers is an f-ing Samsung troll. they havent updated any of their galaxy s phones in the US, regardless of the carrier. And anybody who tells you to just root your phone to solve your problems doesn’t live in the real world.

  15. I do really want 2.3. But thats also because I am running DK28 “leaked” Froyo on my Epic already. So yay nothing to complain about for me.

  16. Kudos to US Cellular I wish AT&T would do the same

  17. @zooguitar
    Then how come did Samsung managed to release froyo (and touchwiz) in Europe, India, Canada but not in the US?

  18. BigBadBikenerd, USCC is the best in coverage up here in Northwestern California as well, though Verizon is VERY close behind, and they can roam onto each other in-market in bad spots.

  19. Us cellular has far better 3g coverage than at&t, and I have more min. And a android ( had a dumb phone with ATT ) smaller deposit and smaller bill,,, so ATT blows

  20. Jouten thinks about fornication with livestock? ( comment 8 ) don’t take advice from him, her whatever a name like Jouten is haha!!!

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