All MyTouch 3G Owners Will Get Android 2.2 Jan. 12


HTC and T-Mobile had committed to Android 2.2 for the original MyTouch 3G before – and those users have indeed received the update – but the 3.5mm headphone jack and the limited edition Fender versions didn’t receive the same love. Whatever the cause was for exclusion, those users – if they hadn’t already rooted or upgrade to a different phone – can now enjoy Froyo just as much as everyone else is. We aren’t confident that all of Froyo’s features – such as the updated Gallery, the Flash plugin, and live wallpapers – will be enabled due to hardware limitations, but the rest of the core functionality is still highly desirable, I’d imagine. Here’s a more complete list of what to expect, courtesy of TmoNews. [T-Mobile Forums]

1. New Fully Integrated Exchange Client

  • Exchange calendars: Exchange calendars are now supported in the Calendar application.
  • Auto-discovery: With just a user name and password users can easily set up and/or sync an Exchange account (available for Exchange 2007 and higher).
  • Global Address Lists look-up: This functionality is now available in the E-mail application, enabling users to auto-complete recipient names from an entire directory.
  • Improved security: Numeric pin and alpha-numeric password options have been added to unlock the device. Exchange administrators can enforce password policy across devices.
  • Remote wipe: In the event a device is lost or stolen, Exchange administrators can remotely reset the device to factory defaults to secure data.

2. Faves Gallery

  • Faves Gallery gives customers quick access to the 20 people who matter most.
  • Scroll through your Faves Gallery, and instantly see the most recent communication from your top 20 Faves – calls, texts, emails, instant messaging, and social networking updates. Respond in a flash!

3.  New Home Screen Features

  • Home screen Tips widget provides tips on how to configure the home screen with shortcuts and widgets and how to make use of multiple home screens.
  • Market widget lets you keep on top what’s hot on Android Market, showing featured apps right on the home screen.
  • Phone, All Apps and Browser now have dedicated shortcuts on the home screen, making it easy to access them from any of the five home screen panels.

4. Gmail app enhancements:

  • Include quoted text from the body of an e-mail message
  • Navigate quickly using on-screen previous/next buttons
  • Identify e-mails using colored labels
  • See inline images in messages

Other: Improvements to the camera and camcorder, ability to add multiple languages to the keyboard, enhancements to Google Maps, YouTube app, Facebook app, and Twitter app.

Note: To recieve the OTA update, you will need to have an active Android data plan on your account.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The original mytouch already had this update

  2. ‘i got the OTA over wifi because i dont have a data plan

  3. I wish HTC Brasil had done the same.

  4. And just think the mytouch slide is now forgotten and dead tmobile just screwed alot of customers

  5. @go I said that in the article

  6. This is awesome! Way to go T-Mobile!!

  7. @the ranter, there’s always a whiner. You bought the Slide? Didn’t do your homework prior to, eh chump?

  8. @That Ranter

    The Slide will be getting the update. There are 2 problems being worked out (WiFi calling & The partition the update is sent to) and then it will be released. HTC and Tmo are working on these problems so that Froyo can be released to the Slide. Quote from Tmo News…

    With news of the myTouch 3G LE and Fender editions prepping to receive their Android 2.2 update, plenty of myTouch Slide customers are left wondering when is their turn. Well the good news it’s being worked on, the bad news is we’re hearing exactly what kind of trouble is delaying the update. Apparently there are two problems holding up the public release:

    1) Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work 100% of the time, we’re not sure what that means, if calls are dropping or not starting at all on Wi-Fi but we know it’s holding up release.

    2) The OTA update is right now being directed to the wrong partition, which doesn’t have enough memory to process the update.

    We received word that HTC is aware of both of these problems and is actively working on a fix. No release date time frame was given but as soon as we hear more, we’ll drop the news right away!

  9. What about HTC Magic users on Rogers in Canada?
    Same phone..no update?

  10. HTC Dose more than samsung did for their phone user base. goes to show you who really cares about their customers.

  11. Its about time!

  12. The mytouch phones suck!!!

    I’m not buying another Mytouch phone again because the updates are way too slow.

    I currently have the Mytouch slide, but luckly I have Cyanogen 6.2 on my phone!!!

  13. Does anyone know if/when the mytouch slide will get an update???

  14. You suck, Joe!! You have it rooted yet you’re crying about slow uodates?? Just bout same could be said on every other phone out. Moron.

  15. wow cant belive the slide wont
    the slide is a great great phone

  16. Kinda of new to all the. Will Verizon Samsung Galaxy S be getting 2.2? Some people say it all ready has it. But my phone I have only had for a little over a month now don’t have 2.2.

  17. @revs

    Did you even read the above posts??? See my post 4 above yours.

  18. The Mytouch brand is clearly a low end brand because of how long the updates take, regardless of the specs.

    My next phone won’t be a mytouch phone for sure, after this bull shit. The Evo 4g got Froyo last August, which gives T-mobile no EXCUSES for the long wait that the Mytouch Slide owners are having to endure.

  19. Whatever…I will believe it when it happens…I have been let down 2 many times!!

  20. Ok Joe, apparently you had one in the myTouch series & you didn’t realize it wasn’t meant to be anything more than it was; however, that can’t be said after the HD/4G. It’s been the best of there flagship line. You didn’t do your homework & thought it would be top of the line for your entire contract. Guess what, as great as the HD/4G is now, it’s time will come too. Wanna phone w fast updates, buy only stock Android, brainiac!

  21. Wah, wah, Joe. Sell it, idiot. Use the money toward a “newer” phone and not one from 2 years ago.

  22. @Joe

    I do agree that it has taken way too long for an update, but it is on the way. That being said… I got tired of waiting and got the 4G and I gotta say it blows the other MyTouch phones away. They don’t even come close.

  23. Ill put up money that its gonna get delayed

  24. This is a shame, this crap phone still beat the Galaxy S and Experia 10…which were suppose to be super phones.

  25. This would really P!$$ me off if I hadn’t rooted my Vibrant, Running nero v3 and it’s great!

    Galaxy S owners are still sucking hind T!t


  26. @jeff
    Its extremely likely that you’ll have to wait a very long time too for your Mytouch 4g updates, as all of other Mytouch phones have had a long wait and its not stock Android.

    Since all of the Mytouch phones have a customized version of Android with a lot of junk preinstalled, with very long waits for updates, I’m not buying another Mytouch phone.

    My next phone will have stock android.

  27. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Wow so let me guess the MTS wont get froyo till like wat next year?? I give up..im rooting my phone

  29. @Joe I have the MyTouch 4G running Gingerbread. Best phone out right now.

  30. My wife has the MyTouch 3G and has had nothing but problems with it since the Froyo update. Everything from random restarts to zero battery life to even having the phone erasing all of it’s data. We took it to T-Mobile who said that it was a known issue. If it’s a known issue, why are they pushing it to the rest of the devices?

  31. I do like the Froyo update that I got on the original MyTouch 3G.. but seriously it’s not life changing. The previous version 1.6 worked fine.. the screen transitions on Froyo are cool and it’s a little more polished, but it’s not a MAJOR deal over what I had.. all of you patiently (yeah right) waiting, will I am sure be similarly happy enough, soon enough.. I do hope that perhaps you take a pause every now and then in your frustration and realize that what you already have is pretty cool in itself.. at least that’s how I felt about 1.6 … It’s not junk, it’s not trash .. it’s just an earlier version, and it was rock solid for me… And neither are the myTouches “crap” phones.

  32. I had the Fender then upgraded to a Vibrant, and kept the Fender as a backup. The Vibrant was nothing but problems, GPS, lag, lockups, etc. I would up selling the Vibrant and went back to the Fender.

    I have the 4G now, with the Fender still as a backup. I don’t think the Mytouch line sucks, I think they are solid, middle of the road phones.

  33. Gave my mt3g to my gf. got a G2, and Im super stocked for her to get 2.2, i was waiting for it for a long time, before i finally got my phone, but now she can play angry birds, and she will soon realize how damn addicting that game is. hahahaha. EXCITED!

  34. The g2 and the lg optimus 2x are a lot better than the mytouch 4g.

    I won’t recommend any mytouch phone to anyone.

  35. Please give us 2.2 for MyTouch 3D Slide next.

  36. @Joe
    Gotta agree with you on the updates will take longer on any of the MyTouch line and stock Android is way better. But as far as performance all around and in benchmarks my MyTouch 4G blows away the G2 and is alot better phone hardware wise. It is a shame that it has the HTC Sense UI… And I will be getting a G2 and a Nexus S just for the stock Android. (Yup, I’m a phone freak):D Will most likely root my MT4G when Cyanogen puts out a a final build.

  37. Well, I’ve been an android user since day one of the G1 and have a fender android using my mytouch 4g and am simply loving it… the processor speed with 4g access is simply awesome. There is rooting options, sure, but have never stressed over updates as I bought the phone for what it was at the time of purchase and any updates have been an added bonus. I have acquired so much software during my android ownership that I feel that my phones have my dna built into them, this mt4g is going to suffice for some time and with the quality build, hard buttons and the sense ui is really not that bad… I’ll hold this up to whatever is currently out. HTC truly made a Cadillac with this baby… I’m just saying… lol

  38. @Jeff
    Why waste your money? If anything, I would buy a dual-core phone such as the LG Optimus 2x instead of buying both the G2 and Nexus S.

    About the preinstalled crap ware, I thinks its the worst looking crap ware on any android phone. I think the app icons are extremely ugly and I think the crap ware slows the phone down too much.

    The crap ware on Mytouch phones has the worst design but its not the worst crap ware, which is Motoblur.

  39. so galaxy s will not get 2.2??? oh come on. someone help me out.

  40. @bear
    The galaxy S will get 2.2, but Samsung is taking an extremely long time to update it. I think they’re purposely stalling because they updated the European version to 2.2 several months ago.
    I don’t like Samsung nor Motorola, as they’re very large manufactures that stall with their updates to get customers to buy their newest phones.

    Htc, a smaller manufacturer, gets customers by being much better with their updates.

    LG is now making Android phones, but we don’t know how good they are about delivering updates. I hope they will quickly update their phones so we have another great manufacturer, but since they’re a very big manufacturer, they probably will suck too.

  41. @Joe Thanks Verizon wont say a word or shell I say or they say any day now the update will happen. Thanks Joe. I do like the phone. I am not much of a phone person but I use this for music also and a nice camera on the run. Do I have to worry about any of the apps I download from the Android Market????

  42. @Joe
    LOL… I know I know, like I said i’m a phone freak. :)
    Anyway, I went up to Tmo yesterday to buy a few things for my Tab and the Rep told me there is a phone coming in a month or two with dual core and a 4.5 display. He said it was a Samsung phone running Gingerbread but didn’t know much more on the specs… so I may hold off for once and see what this thing is gonna turn out like. He did also say that it wouldn’t have a SD slot just like the Nexus S… WTH Samshaft?!?!

  43. I just hope it is a stock Android OS but I doubt it.

  44. You Slide people need to stop complaining. MyTouch 3G users have been waiting longer!!!! All of you with newer phones! MyTouch 3G is one of the oldest!!!! You will get your turn if your not already on 2.2. Android is not Apple! Android has crap tons of phones with different carriers and different manufacturers! You really expect to get an OS update THAT soon?! It takes time people. Calm down. Jesus, have like 2 years of Android phones and you guys are whining all over the place about needing 2.3 and 2.2! Be glad you have a device that can do all this crazy Shit!!!!

  45. To jeff:
    But the only way I have figured my slide Its just easier to root and install cyanogen mod, I have been running the latest build it works allot better. its just easier to do things yourself, do Backups,ect

  46. Has Anyone Recieved the Update yet ?

  47. what can I do to speed up gaming on my mytouch?

  48. No update yet. The message i received said “over the next two weeks” so it could be another week before you see anything.

  49. has any one received the update yet?

  50. I heard they canned the upgrade because it didn’t have Flash anyways and sucked ass!

  51. Ok, so back in OctI got a text that ‘soon’ my original mt3g would be upgraded to 2.2….I guess I assumed it would automatically upgrade b/c I still have 1.6….so, would someone tell me how I can update my mytouch and get the 2.2…….note,I have the 1.6, happy with it, no complaints…Do I even wanna do it and take the rick of losing data….etc….like some other people have said…..advice?

  52. I have a mytouch 3g jet black and it always had problems before the update it would tell me please insert sd card before using the camera. That would get really annoying.
    Then this update kept popping up and I always put instal later. That was until my brother was tired of putting instal later so he put instal now. In my honest opinion I do not like the update. Mostly because it’s kinda slow, I don’t really like the homescreen, and it’s just not like my type. In the music application it looks plain and weird. They could have said do you want this installed, They could have had options.

  53. Does anyone know when is my touch 1.6 going to get its update to 2.2

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