T-Mobile G-Slate Shown LIVE For First Time [VIDEO]


T-Mobile and LG jointly showed the T-Mobile G-Slate by LG for the first time. Although they announced the device last night, they did not ever show it publicly, so you’re looking at the first ever public showing of the G-Slate:

Hopefully we’ll get hands-on the Android 3.0 tablet that’s 4G capable. We’re still looking for details like timing, specs, pricing and all that jazz so stay tuned to Phandroid for details!

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  1. Interesting that I keep seeing all these articles about this tablet and no one seems to have any specs at all. I would think that if the specs were noteworthy, they would be out there by now. Seeing as how no one has them in hand though, I suspect this will be underwhelming.

  2. couldn’t understand a word

  3. cant wait, hate tablets, but this thing looks legit.

  4. Hey that’s a cobe kyros .

  5. Purple bald heads are cool.

  6. where are the WIFI tablets!?

  7. It’s impossible to tell, but is it me or does that tab look a bit “thick” like iPhone 4G with case thick? Compared to the inferred size of the Asus series coming down, that just looks a bit uncomfortable to carry around. Again, it’s impossible to tell from these early pictures, but……

  8. @The Wrath, it might look a bit thick, but I believe they have a case on it which could give you the perception that the device is indeed thick.

  9. I’m tired of devices that are complete tethered to carriers. I want wifi with the option to add a carrier specific data modem. I hate to say it but apple got this model right with the ipad.

  10. Why do I want to pay t-mobile for data on a tablet when I still have the free tethering on my My Touch 4g. They are supposedly charging for it, but do nothing to disable it on people’s devices if they aren’t paying for it.

  11. @Rob Schoenfeld How did Apple get it right? The iPad is either tied to AT&T (data-wise) or available as a Wi-Fi only device with no cellular data. How would you possibly plug in a carrier-specific modem into an iPad. That’s right, you can’t. It only has one port, and that’s for the iPad/iPhone/iPod plug. And I can tell you as an owner of an iPad (thankfully, it was a gift because I would never consider throwing down $720 for that thing) that it’s not that great.

    I don’t know what people see in iOS because the best thing I can say about it is that it’s archaic. iOS has not changed for nearly 4 years and those Apple folks still want customers to feel good about paying premium prices for a mediocre experience. Even my mother, a former iPhone owner, is glad that she’s on Android now because “it does more than that other piece of cap”. And that’s coming from a technological dinosaur. I use my iPad to read books (Google Books) because the screen is big, but for everything else, I still prefer to use my T-Mobile myTouch 4G because it is simply more capable and intuitive.

    At least the Galaxy Tab by Samsung is available on all four national carriers. I’m personally not a fan of Samsung because they’re pretty much the worst when it comes to upgrading Android to newer versions (okay, maybe not as bad as Sony Ericsson, bit still pretty bad). But that’s a separate issue.

  12. Thing looks like a brick

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