Sprint EVO 4G Shift Arrives At Radio Shack, Best Buy, Sam’s Club Ahead Of Schedule


In the mobile and tech world we’re used to hearing time frames that are followed by delays. When the opposite happens, it’s a thing of beauty, and it appears a few potential Sprint EVO 4G Shift customers enjoyed a thing of beauty because they’re not “potential” owners any more. And they’ve got the receipts to prove it.

First off, Android Forums member “sarspants” snagged it for $149 at Radio Shack:

But that’s not the only place it popped up… Engadget readers reported the same from BestBuy and Sam’s Club.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the EVO 4G Shift, this is a friendly note that you may want to give your local Best Buy or Sam’s Club a call. And either way, you’ll probably want to head on over to our EVO Shift 4G Forums to follow the action with your friends.

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  2. I work at Sam’s club wireless kiosk and we got 2 Shifts in yesterday, but weren’t allowed to sell them until today. Definitely send people to their local Sam’s club to get their Shifts!

    I have yet to sell one, so I haven’t had a chance to play with one yet, but it looks and feel very solid :)

  3. Sorry but the HERO is much more beautiful.

  4. so i’ve checked out both the evo and evo shift.. the evo shift is very different in alot of important ways: the evo comes with 8mb card while the shift comes with 2mb. The evo shift does not have the front facial camera (because of it’s keyboard) – meaning no face to voice talking apps..no kickstand either. The cpu has only 3/4 of total memory capacity compared to the original evo. And obviously it is much thicker and smaller screen (i compare the new htc evo shift to an HTC Touch Pro 2 with android). If you can give all this up just for a sliding keeyboard then it’s a good phone. otherwise stick to the original.

  5. The Evo Shift 4G is a pos.

  6. Is it $150 only with a new line or can you upgrade a line due for an upgrade and get the 150 $price?

  7. Sprint’s future line up is looking a little thin. Granted they have the evo and the epic. I guess they are banking more on price point to be their big seller.

  8. I’m so disappointed that the shift is not dual core. Motorola and Samsung have dual cores announced at CES. I’m eligible for my premier upgrade but I’m holding to hero a little longer. The liquidsense Rom at xda breathed new life into it.

  9. You can upgrade to it for $150 as well.

  10. Lol I guess I wasn’t paying attention with that second $.

    Anyway thanks for the answer.

  11. What the hell is going with Sprint? Nothing at CES so far.

  12. I hope the Evo shift does well, I would like to see their Evo brand do well

  13. Theres a 3rd element of EVO missing…How about an EVO Tilt?

  14. @Mike B: i was thinking the same. I see other carriers getting several Android phones, yet haven’t heard Sprint mentioned.

  15. I currently work for Sprint and carry the HTC Hero, my hubby carries the EVO….with a newly enhanced snapdragon processor full qwerty keyboard as well as the size and 4G capable….I will be counting down the days till I can upgrade.

  16. Not to mention that my Hero is rooted and is currently operating on Android 2.2 it still lacks the processing speed.

  17. I am getting one to test over the weekend. I have a rooted Hero. I would love a slightly larger screen. Hoping this fills that request. Thickness difference between the 2 should only be like 1/8″ at most. As long as that keyboard stays solid and doesn’t slide out too easily, I think I live with it for a year. :)

  18. I third that comment about Sprint. Are they really going to let CES pass w/out introducing another WOW phone. On the flip side, they could be hoping to sell the heck out of their single core phones before they let everyone know their recent purchase is outdated and slow.

  19. A close friend of mine works at Sprint corp office and she sd that Sprint has alot planned on Feb 14th. I asked why not CES she sd because everybody has something that day and they want to wait

  20. Anyone concerned about Sprints future 4G / Potentially Dual-Core phones…or those merely disappointed with the Evo Shift 4G, you may want to sit tight until CTIA. Sprint is at CES, they just didn’t have a booth or any big announcements right now which (and I’ve been with sprint for 8 years now) usually means they’re about to drop some serious bombs for their high end smartphone users.

  21. I work at a sprint store in queens NY and we’ve been selling them since yesterday. No instant rebate though :P

  22. Why are you people complaining about no news from Sprint at ces? Ummmm they don’t announce their phones until cita just like they did the EVO last June. Stop crying like little girls or switch to Verizon and get a thunderbolt and enjoy it for 20 months until your next upgrade.

  23. @swazedahustla: “switch to Verizon and get a thunderbolt and enjoy it for 20 months until your next upgrade”\

    ha! +1

    i’m content with my yearly upgrade being a premier customer–got one coming up in February and i’ll ride that through the year until Sprint’s next Evo-comparable/upper device is released.

  24. I made the switch from Hero to EVO Shift today, and am not looking back at all. It is MUCH faster than the Hero. The screen is much more responsive.

    My brother has an (original) EVO, and he is liking to Shift’s features.

    The one sad point is Sprint’s dirty little secret… wifi hotspot is another 30$ a month. :(

  25. Looks like HTC wanted to copy my Transform? And add 10 more dollars a month? Haha well that was a royal flop.

  26. Excuse me, I ment to say the Shift added a few higher point specs and Android 2.2, and it still doesn’t compare to getting a Transform which will save you 120 dollars a year and the phone costs the same. And for those people who like to video chat, we have a nice front facing camera. I’m sorry but I hate that this phone was made a 4g phone, it would of been so much better as a 3G phone, we need a good 3G lineup for Sprint considering they charge $10 for what looks like alot of crap.

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