Hulu Plus for Android Announced at Samsung’s CES Presser


We’ve been waiting for one of the popular few on-demand video streaming sites to announce their wares for Android, and thanks to Samsung spilling the beans at their press conference at CES earlier today, we can finally confirm that it’ll be headed our way sometime soon.  No further details were given on the application, but I’m sure many of you are satisfied just knowing for sure it’s coming. Then again, we though the same thing about Netflix – we’re still waiting for them to announce their plans after months of them looking for Android developers.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. F*@k Hulu! They need to remove that restriction and let streaming on you Android phone!

  2. Quentyn Kennemer, first to the scene

  3. woohooo finally

  4. Sweet!

  5. netflix is better

  6. FYI: When I tried to access Hulu the other day using my phone, it gave me a message stating that Hulu for Android was in development.

  7. what is this PLUS crap…does this mean they want us to pay. I don’t pay from my computer, so I am not paying wireless…they better learn how to sell advertisement!

  8. Netflix sucks because of lacking subtitle.

  9. If you don’t pay on your computer, you are missing out on a lot of content. It sucks that you still have to see ads with a paid subscription.

  10. Hulu on the pc is free… but other devices others than pc require Hulu plus which is pay unfortunately

  11. I’ll pay for it on my PS3, but not on my phone. Hopefully if I have a subscription to one, it’ll carry to the other, especially if I have unlimited data/internet via Sprint on my EVO.

  12. Yes.. where’s Netflix?

  13. Chris its with my carrier froyo update for my samsung vibrant

  14. The plus subcription opens up access to older episodes in ALL devices attached to the account.

  15. Not interested, want netflix tho

  16. I agree that having just the PLUS is silly.
    Once again don’t shove what a corporation wants down our throats, allow the user to decide. If I am pay for a pipe full of data, I want the choice of what is flowing to my phone.

    We want options: Hulu or Hulu PLUS


    Hopefully somebody can get it extracted and working on devices for other carriers.

  18. I thought was free. They have better TV content than Netflix, unless the show has DVDs out.

  19. Just root and flash myn’s twopointtwo and you will have it.

  20. The plus is the new requirement for all devices other than a PC. PS3, Xbox, Boxee, iPad… they all require the plus in order to access Hulu.

    Now you see why Hulu blocked Google TV. It was a “device” that let you bypass the hulu plus requirement.

  21. This the same Hulu that boycotted Google TV? What’s up with that?

  22. What I don’t get is why I pay to see ads on a site that uses my bandwidth to begin with.

  23. Lame! I will not pay for that on my phone. Lame, hulu. Bring on netflix!

  24. I pay for Netflix … so this is just a tease for me :(

  25. Hulu Plus is horrible, I tried the free trial and the extra episodes it gives you are lame and definitely not worth the money. The few shows that I want to watch are on regular Hulu. These streaming episode providers are more like collector’s of the free stuff that is already out there. Makes no sense to me.

  26. I think it’s hilarious because I can hook my laptop up to my 52 inch sony via HDMI.

    And now they have wireless display devices so you can sync up your laptop with your TV to do the same thing without having to being wired in.

    So again, accessing Hulu from my TV via PC is no diff than accessing via Android/GTV.

  27. net flix isnt that great either how many times you mlook for a show or movie but they only offer the dvd

  28. net flix isnt that great either how many times you mlook for a show or movie but they only offer the dvd

  29. net flix isnt that great either how many times you mlook for a show or movie but they only offer the dvd

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