Jan 6th, 2011

The first disappointment of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA line was that it was leaked what seemed like a decade before the company actually launched them. Product after product was leaked and launched while the XPERIA series waited in the wings for its shine.

Because of the delays, it launched with less fanfare than initial buzz indicated it would, but there are still a ton of faithful XPERIA followers who snagged the first ever Sony Ericsson Android devices. To those I say it may be time to root or look towards a new phone if you hope to have anything beyond Android 2.1. According to AndroidCommunity, SE officials have indicated the XPERIA line will get no updates beyond Android 2.1.

What a shame. Hopefully they’re just making room to R&D and launch products that are better, focusing on their next round of awesome androids. I have to say… I really enjoyed the XPERIA X10 Mini has a interesting Android device that would appeal to the non-smartphone enthusiasts who wants a small but powerful new phone. Hopefully they continue creating stuff like that.