Android Beats iPhone In US Subscriber Numbers [Smartphones]


The growth of Android is undeniable. Everywhere you look at CES, some company is announcing some type of Android something. Whether phone, tablet, hybrid or something else- Android is penetrating every end of the tech market. And more importantly, consumers are buying into it as well.

Moving from October 2010 to November 2010, Android overtook iPhone in total US Subscribers according to ComScore. Of the 61.5 million smartphone subscribers, 26% were Android and 25% were Apple in November. Meanwhile, 33% were still on telegram BlackBerry phones.

Think of what happened this holiday season and where this momentum of CES is taking Android… up, up, up , up, up… and above the competition. I think 2011 is going to be another amazingly fun and successful year for Android.

[ComScore via TechCrunch]

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Owned! Android Customer since October 21 2008!!!

  2. idiots? – there is any moderation in this site?

  3. Android customer since November 17th, 2009!!! Android FTW!!!!!

  4. Android will take over!

  5. Shut up @andytop and take a joke…

  6. Calling blackberry users idiots seems pretty idiot in itself…


  8. I was once a hardcore crackberry addict or “abuser” as they call it. I find this article offensive. It hurts my BB feeling. Please stop, or I’m going to cry and go tell my mom

  9. There are moments when I wish I still had a blackberry…for battery life, for no force closes, for no lag…then I realize I just need a newer Android device.

  10. Apple just ran out of fags to sell their phone too.

  11. to*

  12. Seriously? Idiots? I’m an Android enthusiast but this language is just not acceptable. Calling people idiots for a phone choice? Seriously? Especially that BB still has better corporate controls across the board than iOS and Android?

    Come on, some professionalism wouldn’t hurt.

  13. now now no need to use homophobic remarks lol

    I think i may have just found a phone that might make me switch back over from windows phone(which i love) back to android(Bionic or the lg black)

    good to see android is making improvements!

  14. Having a sense of humor wouldn’t hurt too

  15. meant *making increases* lol

  16. Idiots! I love it! And FYI, it’s totally acceptable. ;)

    We’re all friends here. :)

  17. Still kinda surprises me that BB holds a third of the US market. Enterprise couldn’t have been that big of an influence with the iPhone hitting the 4 year mark and Android a fast paced 2 years.

  18. @Pitrick I agree with you.
    If you are a BB customer/user, you must be pretty “idiot”. Or is it idiotic?


  19. As much as I love my EVO. Is it fair to compare the sales of android to iphone?

  20. “Meanwhile, 33% of idiots people are still on telegram BlackBerry phones.”

    Not only harsh, but makes hash of the English language. Surprising that this would make it on an otherwise professional site.

  21. Android fan since november 2010.
    Go Android XD

  22. Yeah seriously. Yeah it was an amusing comment and all about BB but some professionalism would be nice. I’ve been using Android since G1 came out so it isn’t like I’m a hater or anything either.

  23. I agree calling some one an idiot for the choice of phone is not cool. Android user since the G1.

  24. This is not an apples to apples comparison. Android is an OS while the iPhone is an actual phone by Apple, Inc. Of course there will be more Android phones in the market since the OS can be implemented onto various types of phones. iPhone is still king if you conduct a proper comparison. Dont waste our time with these articles.

  25. Idiots fit more for isheep

  26. Fair to compare Android (an OS, used by several hardware suppliers) to iPhone (technically only available in 4 phone models)? No, but that hasn’t stopped 99.99% of contributors to this and every other Android-centric site from doing it.

    Android’s growth is spectacular, and I hope it continues, but comparisons such as this lack some serious objectivity.

  27. I agree, while I know Rob wasn’t being serious, calling BB users “idiots”, is rather idiotic in and of itself. It wasn’t offensive to me, but being a poster of topics I think you could show a little more class.
    Rob Jackson and his article for the big time FAYUL!

  28. I’m a hardcore android fan but I don’t think blackberry users are idiots. Sure blackberry sucks compared to android but some people don’t need all the advanced features android offers. Its like a fashion freak would call people who do not wear designer clothes idiots :(

  29. They call us hemroids, why can’t we call them idiots?

    All kidding aside, been with android since the original HTC Hero (euro version with ‘chin’).

    Proud Galaxy S owner with 2.2.1 Doc ROM XXJPY 7.1 w/ Hardcore Kernel k12i-256hz!

  30. Edited “idiots” out. After thinking on it I personally believe he meant to take out idiots and leave “people” originally, so I should have left people in to begin with. I left idiots since it was getting some responses, but have now changed my mind.

    Neither made sense to begin with so I corrected the sentence myself.

    I’m not sure if Rob is aware of the comments here or what actually got published and/or edited – so he may or may not comment later on it.

    Just want all to be aware I noticed it, noticed the comments, and edited it myself.


  31. As for NightTrains comment 20: This site is hardly “professional” to begin with, so having a person in an admin position call someone else an idiot for using a certain type of phone, only shows why this site isn’t my “go to” site for everything Android. Sure I enjoy reading the topics and comments, but the lack of professionalism as well as moderation here, makes it 5th or 6th on my list of main sites to visit for my Android new fix.
    Get your act together Phandroid! And while you’re at it, enough with the full page ads that pop up before allowing users to access your site! I know you gotta get paid, but the “in your face” adverts aren’t the way to do it imo.

  32. Thanks Talton! Good move.

  33. @AndroidToy, iDiots, perhaps?

    Everyone else, settle down, I’m both a BB and Android user and I thought the idiots comment was hilarious actually.

  34. @snupples

    I thought so too. Maybe we should start calling them Blonde Berries? Or maybe Blunder Berries?

  35. eediots!! haha he was in the heat of the moment. its all fun and games. chill out people!! YOUR ALL ACTING LIKE IDIOTS! =P “idiot!? idiot!? im offended!” lol

  36. We’re modern day Beavus and Buttheads! We totally blew off everything else he said and only focused on the one word that we cared to read, ‘idiots’.

    Kind of like, “She said ‘Hard’! Uhuhuhuh!”…

  37. @Brett: I’m one of those “fags” you spoke about. Except, I loathe ios and use an Evo. I truly hope my phone is acceptable to you, even if I am not. We smart “fags” choose Android. Don’t be scared! We are loud and proud! Gay, and Android FTW!
    @Chris: Seriously? iPhone is not just one phone. It’s 4, arguably 8 with the extra GB’s. Don’t forget about iPod touch. Yes inevitably, Android wins out on choice of devices available. Apple chooses to just release one model per year, of course that will bite them. iPhone got a head start, because it was the only choice for a while. That simply is no longer the case.

    To everybody complaining: This site is waaaaaay better than Android Central. They are not professional, and their spam filter is ridiculous. When you complain about it, they delete your comments. At least you don’t get sensored here. Brett can call me a fag, and I am like, “ok.” LoL I don’t let ignorance get under my skin. Everybody should just lighten up : )

  38. lawl at everyone being offended by calling someone an “idiot”. Please do not venture further into the internets, you will likely be shocked.

  39. Don’t forget this site is technically a blog that the admins are letting us comment on. They should put the word back in just to spite you all. Guess who would still go to this site? Everyone who matters.

  40. We want “Idiot” back!

  41. I would be more interested in these numbers when iPhone hits other markets. I think Android will dominate overall, much like Windows dominates over OSX. I agree that it is maybe an unfair comparison in sheer numbers, but it is a fair comparison as far as business tactics are concerned. Businesswise, Google seems to have the upperhand. Put Android on any and every carrier and become as widespread as possible. The more people you have using android phones daily, the higher your income. imple as that. Now they just need to work on a better rounded market and they will be truly raking in the dough.

  42. ^^^ By markets I was referring to carriers. My bad!

  43. BB RULES!! and nothing else exists (if you work with classsified government or confidential corporate data).

    Please, Google, add a standard Google/Android app to allow the configuration of device level encryption and security!!

    Until this happens, the US government and many corporations will be keeping BB alive with several million users.

  44. Choice, choice, choice.

    For those of you saying a comparison of the iPhone to the Android powered devices isn’t meaningful because there is only one manufacturer of the iPhone and dozens for Android, I say that is the point of the comparison.

    The iPhone locks you to one carrier, one manufacturer and Apples walled garden. Android is wide open.

    You want a super high end phone on the carrier of you choice, Android.

    You want a cheap low end phone, Android.

    You want a tablet with X memory, X ports, X screen size, etc, Android.

    Its all about choice and Android gives you that in spades.

  45. Its time to move on. Black berries had its time to shine . Now its andriod OS

  46. Android users are truly a different bunch than iPhone users but sometimes its aggravating. Yes we’re more professional etc. but sometimes its ok to drop it and play the dozens. Read some of the other forums and see how Android users are talked about. Calling them idiots is just a joke. And why question comparing Android to iOS now? Its been done since day one and those of us who were right there with our G1’s kept saying this day would come because Android was more than just a one phone phenomenon like iPhone. Now that the day is here we have Android fans downplaying the success. Rising through all the bashing just to turn the other cheek… I remember when even the BB users were trying to bash about the complete fail known as the Storm. I say lets have some fun with the success.

  47. Amazing that people are actually celebrating that 40+ phones on 4 networks is BARELY outselling 1 phone on 1 (crappy) network…how pathetic

  48. Ppl, ppl, pl,…
    Those that are still using the many vs one argument?
    …………Tell that to Win Mo…….
    Just give Android credit where credit is due. Its doing something Win Mo couldnt and Win Mo has been in this alot longer than Android.

  49. Copy Paste time!!!!

    The End of iOS
    by Cee Jay

    The point of Apple devices is to lock you into a lifestyle that has you dependant on Apple sources and peripherals unlike all the other “normal” marketing ethics of standard companies. The people who choose to buy into the Apple Lifestyle make that choice regardless of all the signs that this company is out for total control of the device they just sold you and every penny they can squeeze out of your pocket!

    No, we don’t make more than one phone a year becasue that would mean giving you a choice and that’s not what we’re about! One iphone a year is all you require, dispense with your old model and pay for the new version as instructed!

    No, you can not open your phone and change the battery, you have to pay for a new device, you must NEVER look inside the device, it is not yours, it is on lease!

    No, we do not use standard connections and outputs becasue that would give you options to buy from our competitors. You must buy what we develop to connect and not question it, give your money to our greater glory, you belong to us now!

    No, you can not expand the memory with third party developed memory cards becasue that would mean you give money to another company other than us so forget that option no matter how standard it is in other mobiles! Remember, you belong to us now!

    No, you can not have video calling to other networks, stay in the apple-device to apple-device, world and lump it, we’re here to assimilate you into our cult, not set you free to do as you feel!

    No, you may not play other video media on your apple device, we develop our own for you to play so that should be all you need and we despise those apps that allow you to do otherwise!

    No, you may not have FLASH on your web browser becasue the CEO does not like it therefore neither should you! Besides, everything you need should be accessible through our own website and services so if your desire go beyond that then you are not following the guidelines of a good apple lifestyle follower!

    No, we do not like Jail-breaking becasue it allows too much freedom and choice which once again, we are not about! So one day we will carry out our threat to brick all phones that have broken the rules and you will know the wrath of Steve Jobs!

    Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! And we will eventually dominate this world and control everything electronic in your household! Set our own high prices and you will pay it becasue you will have no other choice, there will not be a competitor left standing for you to consider otherwise. That’s the plan, and we thank you for contributing towards it!

  50. There are indeed more then one iOS phone. There is 4 versions of the iPhone plus, the wording on the stats implies its also counting 3g iPads.

    When we compare an OS, iSheep like to fall back on the “Apple is one, Android is many.” argument. Well, I’m sorry that your choice of system is run by someone who chooses not to licence his OS but that will never negate the facts that we are comparing the software not the Company so get over it.

  51. ho hum blah blah blah Android is an OS Apple only sells 4 phone models no comparison????…..hmmmmm both have different OS ( do they?? ) consumers are choosing the android OS apparently…..not iOS operating system, including me….BUT android OS could still manage ROM apps memory better, Froyo 2,2 was a big help BUT….manufacturers need to give us minimum 2Gig of phone memory, or android needs to re-tweek it OS, or I’m dumping android…..but not to iOS, whats left……nothing much unfortunately Win ( gulp ) Bada ( errk ) symbian ( thud )webOS ( um well hmmm )

  52. How many Android type of devices took to beat iPhone? I am sure my Galaxy S(or any single Android device) cannot even get closer to beat the iPhone 1st generation. Again, We are comparing US subscriber between 4 major network providers versus 1 Network provider. That too me is embarrassing.

    We are not talking about OS user experience, firmware updates from manufacture are lousy (Why should I struggle to get the latest version of Android). The bottom line, Android phone is a cheap iPhone imitation.

  53. Android is the best. Why better than that stiff iPhone OS.

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