Dell Streak 7 Announced for T-Mobile [VIDEO]


We told you just before the press conference started, but the Dell Streak 7 was just announced here at the T-Mobile Press Conference. Check out the live video of the announcement along with some talk on the features:

It should launch in the first quarter and pricing is yet to be announced. As for some specs:

For those with not so great eyes, allow me to assist:

  • 4G Network
  • Dual core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor
  • Wi-Fi Sharing for 5 devices
  • 7-inch screen
  • 800×480 resolution
  • Adobe Flash
  • Front-facing 1.3MP camera with video chat
  • MicroSD Slot for 32GB expansion
  • 4 hours of continuous video play

And now it’s time to try and get some hands on!

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  1. 800×480? :DDDDDD

  2. that screen must be really low res:/

  3. Same resolution as the 5″ streak?? Come on dell we all know you make good displays…put a good display on your tablets!

  4. 4 hours of video???? You serious?! All the new tablets coming out with poor battery life won’t last long. Mix in some web browsing, email and then music and video, you wont last a whole flight from east to west coast…. FAIL

  5. You can last the flight, you’ll just need to bring an external battery, or a 12V/AC charger.

    I have to admit though, you would think that being somewhat larger than phones, there would be all kinds of internal space to cram batteries.

  6. So can you talk on it like a cellphone? Does not appear so.

  7. Not to mention Dell sucks at keeping up with the latest Android version updates. They seem to be always late and the last one to update all their products.

  8. Is this also running OS 1.6?

  9. Somebody’s done it again – “front-facing camera for video chat” presumably they meant “front-mounted camera” as a front-facing one would be best for taking pictures just like a regular camera, but no good for video-chat which needs to be facing back towards the user of course!
    Why is this so difficult to grasp????

  10. 800 by 480? You got to be kidding me. 3.5 inch displays are getting better than that resol. Dell just doesn’t seem to be able to sync with current tech. Learn from Apple…produce quality and charge more. Not buying this grainy display.

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