NOOKcolor Boosts Barnes To A Noble 67% Increase In Holiday Sales


Wondering how Barnes & Nobles NOOKcolor has fared against stiff competition like the Amazon Kindle? Apparently pretty well. While we don’t have any head-to-head sales figures readily available, Barnes & Nobles themselves are reporting they’ve enjoyed a 67% increase in holiday sales this year over last year.

B&E issued a press-release with some other interesting details too:

  • They sold out of their NOOKcolor inventory for the holidays
  • The NOOKcolor became the company’s best-selling product ever
  • The Kindle is also Amazon’s best-selling product ever

It seems as if Barnes & Noble made an excellent choice leveraging Android to compete. From what I hear, the NOOKcolor is a nifty little device and while not packed with an inexorbitant amount of features, it does what intends too very well.

[BusinessWire via Seeking Alpha]

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  1. I just got one yesterday. It is a great little device. I have really enjoyed using it. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for it in the future.

  2. Nook Color is a sweet little device but priced a tad too high. Yeah, I know it’s rootable and all but that $249 is still a big increase over Amazon’s $139 no brainer.

    If they brought it under $200, even to $199, I think they’d blow Amazon away. They also might just take some sales away from iPad by looking the other way or even enouraging those who root this into an awesome awesome Android tablet.

  3. I really like the nookColor, but not for $250. I like the interface, but it just doesn’t seem as responsive as it could be. A little sluggish. Maybe I just haven’t had a lot of experience with other e-readers.

  4. The Nook Color is higher priced because it is a color device with a large touchscreen. It has a full web browser as well. The wifi Kindle isn’t even the same type of device. You can’t listen to your own music, watch videos, or stream Pandora on a Kindle.

    Barnes and Noble’s black and white wifi nook is priced about the same as the Wifi Kindle.

    I own a Nook Color and my dh owns a Kindle. They both are different but they work for what we each wanted to use them for.

    I think $250 is a reasonable price given all the capabilities of the Nook Color.

  5. Rooted it is a really nice device. Not quite as polished as an iPad but half the price of the lowest model. Girlfriend wanted an eReader primarily so I splurged on this for Christmas. She loves reading on it and once I added the market and some apps it’s been great. I really hope to see some of these mid-range companies like Vizio do what they did in the HDTV market and offer something maybe a bit more powerful than the Nook Color but at a lower price than the iPads and such. It worked for them in the HDTV market and I would love to see some solid Android tablets out in the $350 range. At $500-800, all the higher end tablets out there are more than I will pay for something not as powerful as a notebook. Once you get down to the $350 territory, it starts to get into the area of things you are willing to save up a few bucks for even if you don’t really need them. Small and light is great but not when you a way more limited than a laptop.

  6. $250 is more than reasonable. It probably costs at least $150 in parts alone and that does not include the R&D, marketing, logistics, manufacturing costs etc. I know they are using an LG IPS LCD panel & Texas Instruments 800 mhz OMAP processor. B&N probably only makes a few bucks off of the tablet itself. They make more money on the content. Besides, more than a few Foxconn employees probably died making these.

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