LIVE BLOG: Motorola Press Conference @ CES 2011


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4:54 — Wrapping up presentation, on to the hands-on demos.

4:52 — Showing off new Google apps, new version of Maps looks a lot like version 5.0. Actual tablet looks pretty solid, nothing groundbreaking but not just another iPad clone.

4:50 — Jha says tablet and Honeycomb not quite done, this is just a preview of what we can expect.

4:48 — 3G models will be upgradeable to 4G, eventually shipping with 4G out of the box. Dual-core 1GHz processor, 16:10 1080HD display. Rolling Honeycomb video that showed up online earlier.

4:47 — With Google and Verizon, the Motorola Xoom ( like we expected). First Honeycomb tablet arriving in Q1.

4:46 — Coming Q2 for VZW. Here comes the tablet…

4:46 — Dual-core 1GHz processor. Looks like it gets a Moto skin on top of Android.

4:44 — Here it is, first LTE device from Moto for Verizon — the Droid Bionic. Video rolling now: 4.3-inch screen, HDMI out, video chat with front-0facing camera. “The end of waiting”

4:43 — Coming to T-Mobile January 15th. Next product is up…

4:41 — 3.7-inch screen, 1GHz processor. New MotoBlur looks pretty familiar. Jha lists off 6 million MotoBlur subscribers.

4:40 — Next device for announcement is up — the Cliq 2 promising next generation of MotoBlur.

4:38: Sanjay is back. Atrix 4G coming to Bell Canada and Orange UK as well. Showing video for the announcement.

4:37 — Jeff Bradley from AT&T takes the stage, launching Atrix in the ‘coming weeks,’ plans to launch over 20 4G devices over the next year in both HSPA+ and LTE. Talking up how employing both is the best route for customers to transition to next gen network technology. We might beg to differ.

4:35 — This is pretty crazy, true convergence of mobile computing and desktop/laptop computing. Really has a good shot at changing the way we view mobile computing.

4:33 — Laptop dock — super thin, 11.6-inch display, 8 hours battery life. All ran from the phone.

4:32 — Separate mobile view can be expanded, resized, and made full screen, or Webtop mode can function like an Android desktop computer. Pretty amazing.

4:31 — Atrix when docked in Webtop mode can run full-blown Mozilla Firefox. Not mobile Firefox. Full-blown Firefox.

4:30 — Seaung Chou on stage helping show off the Atrix. Phone plugged into HD dock, using entertainment center app connected to monitor via HDMI. Has separate remote for controlling content.

4:28 — Talking up the Motorola Atrix 4G. Two 1GHz cores, first smartphone with 1GB RAM and qHD display. Fingerprint reader on back for unlocking device.

4:26 – Sanjay Jha talking about new entity — Motorola Mobility. Second day as publicly traded company. Talking about convergence of digital lives, 4G trends and movement towards higher speed products.

4:25 – Showing off Motorola Atrix ad – “World’s most powerful smartphone.”

4:24 – Moto’s new tagline “Life. ‘M’powered. The ‘M’ is the Motorola logo.

4:21 – Bill Ogle takes the stage after a short intro video.

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  1. Is is just me or is AT&T getting the better of the two phones? What gives? Double the ram from the Atrix to the Bionic.

  2. Man that docking solutions are truly impressive.

  3. @Sal I know. Hopefully there’s other phones going to be announced that are equal to the Atrix

  4. @Sal, I think so too. Just a smidge smaller screen, but with a fingerprint reader AND DOUBLE the RAM = instant win for AT&T.

    That’s what VZW gets for not trusting Motorola and wanting some Apple action too hehehe

  5. @JSK, the press conference AND press release says 512mb…….so since 2 > 1, I’m gonna go say it has 512mb ram only

  6. There REALLY better be a wifi only version of the XOOM released on day one. Have they learned NOTHING from Samsung’s huge mistake??? Well I *was* excited about this product…

  7. That Atrix phone better be for Verizon and not AT&T’s sucky network. This will definitely great for IT use and hospital use like where I work at.

  8. I don’t know why they didn’t put the dock where the touchpad is, and use the touch screen of the phone as the touchpad. Then, you could also use the display of the phone for information. Plus, you wouldn’t have that awkward thing sticking out of the back, and you could open the screen a full 180 degrees. Otherwise, slick, but expected, since phones are becoming so powerful.

  9. …drool…

  10. A new Droid…I’m ready…too wait…too can’t wait too get it after waiting too get it about a month after its out lol

  11. epic fail to offer the Bionic with 512 MB of Ram. AT&T has had and will remain the carrier for the premier smartphone.

  12. @Lane: premier smartphone on a second rate network, enjoy!

  13. I don’t know if we can say the premiere carrier. Despite the 512 of ram the Bionic is something to marvel. Still looking to see that LG Revolution that seems to have been put out and not spoken of. It would be great if Motorola put out that dock for the Bionic as well. I really dig the concept. Sometimes I am out and I don’t have good wifi, but I don’t want to pay for hot spot or tether, and I do want a lighter option and not have to carry my laptop. A device that utilizes my existing unlimited data and is just a screen and gives me more of a laptop experience anywhere. I like it.

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