Jan 5th, 2011

Times in PST, latest updates at the top!

4:54 — Wrapping up presentation, on to the hands-on demos.

4:52 — Showing off new Google apps, new version of Maps looks a lot like version 5.0. Actual tablet looks pretty solid, nothing groundbreaking but not just another iPad clone.

4:50 — Jha says tablet and Honeycomb not quite done, this is just a preview of what we can expect.

4:48 — 3G models will be upgradeable to 4G, eventually shipping with 4G out of the box. Dual-core 1GHz processor, 16:10 1080HD display. Rolling Honeycomb video that showed up online earlier.

4:47 — With Google and Verizon, the Motorola XOOM ( like we expected). First Honeycomb tablet arriving in Q1.

4:46 — Coming Q2 for VZW. Here comes the tablet…

4:46 — Dual-core 1GHz processor. Looks like it gets a Moto skin on top of Android.

4:44 — Here it is, first LTE device from Moto for Verizon — the Droid Bionic. Video rolling now: 4.3-inch screen, HDMI out, video chat with front-0facing camera. “The end of waiting”

4:43 — Coming to T-Mobile January 15th. Next product is up…

4:41 — 3.7-inch screen, 1GHz processor. New MotoBlur looks pretty familiar. Jha lists off 6 million MotoBlur subscribers.

4:40 — Next device for announcement is up — the Cliq 2 promising next generation of MotoBlur.

4:38: Sanjay is back. Atrix 4G coming to Bell Canada and Orange UK as well. Showing video for the announcement.

4:37 — Jeff Bradley from AT&T takes the stage, launching Atrix in the ‘coming weeks,’ plans to launch over 20 4G devices over the next year in both HSPA+ and LTE. Talking up how employing both is the best route for customers to transition to next gen network technology. We might beg to differ.

4:35 — This is pretty crazy, true convergence of mobile computing and desktop/laptop computing. Really has a good shot at changing the way we view mobile computing.

4:33 — Laptop dock — super thin, 11.6-inch display, 8 hours battery life. All ran from the phone.

4:32 — Separate mobile view can be expanded, resized, and made full screen, or Webtop mode can function like an Android desktop computer. Pretty amazing.

4:31 — Atrix when docked in Webtop mode can run full-blown Mozilla Firefox. Not mobile Firefox. Full-blown Firefox.

4:30 — Seaung Chou on stage helping show off the Atrix. Phone plugged into HD dock, using entertainment center app connected to monitor via HDMI. Has separate remote for controlling content.

4:28 — Talking up the Motorola Atrix 4G. Two 1GHz cores, first smartphone with 1GB RAM and qHD display. Fingerprint reader on back for unlocking device.

4:26 – Sanjay Jha talking about new entity — Motorola Mobility. Second day as publicly traded company. Talking about convergence of digital lives, 4G trends and movement towards higher speed products.

4:25 – Showing off Motorola Atrix ad – “World’s most powerful smartphone.”

4:24 – Moto’s new tagline “Life. ‘M’powered. The ‘M’ is the Motorola logo.

4:21 – Bill Ogle takes the stage after a short intro video.