HTC EVO 4G Makes Number 3 on GHRI ‘Most Innovative Product of the Year’ List


There is no mincing words when it comes to the runaway success that the HTC EVO 4G has become since its launch in the early summer of 2010, and now it is gaining some cred on the Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s year end list of most innovative products. The EVO topped out at third place ahead of the Apple iPad, which rested at number seven. Good on HTC.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Nothing against the Evo, but I fail to see how it’s more innovative than the iPad. The iPad brought the tablet sector as a whole into the mainstream. Granted, it’s little more than a giant iPhone, but that doesn’t change that it was the first consumer-friendly mass-produced tablet device.

    The Evo is an Android phone whose only differentiating factors from other Android phones available at the time of its release were WiMax and a 4.3″ screen. The Nexus One, released in the same year, was far more of an innovative product.

    Is it a great phone? Sure. Innovative? Not really.

  2. What you can no do on a phone thanks to front facing cameras and 4g speeds with 1 ghz cpu is innovative.

  3. Yessir #TeamEvo

  4. and didnt it have the first 4.3″ display? I have a Evo and I will never go back to a lower end device since using this phone.

  5. First Wimax, first hdmi out, first 4.3 inch screen, first phone to give Apple a run for the money. Yeah the nexus was nice but it only being available on tmob was the worst thing HTC did with that phone.

  6. Ops forgot first kick stand, LOL

  7. Ops first 8mp camera, yeah wasn’t perfect but it was 8mp.

  8. The iPad isn’t innovative. Like you said, it’s just a giant iPhone. Tablets have been around long before the iPad but it’s Apple’s marketing team that deserves the credit with that.

    The Evo is the first real 4G phone and it took months for another WiMax phone to come out. The Evo also has a front facing cam (iPad does not) a kickstand (iPad does not). Evo also has the same power in terms of CPU and RAM as the iPad.

  9. This is a joke, their number two choice is the Dyson Air Multiplier.

    So some Dyson trash is more innovative than the EVO? What a legitimate list…

  10. It tops out over the iPad because the iPad isn’t innovative. Sure its a nice device but like you said, its nothing more than a giant iPhone. What’s innovative about making something bigger?

    I don’t have anything specific to defend the EVO with but being the first 4G phone probably pushed it ahead a bit.

  11. I LIKE my innovative phone, thank you. And it’s on Sprint, not T-Mobile (to be nit-picky ;) )

  12. Give me a break… Laundry detergent made No. 1 on their list of most innovative products of 2011. I hardly see this as the definitive authority on innovation. Shish!

  13. The Dyson fan is a huge innovation tbh, more so than a logical progression of ever more powerful devices.

  14. EVO FTW!

  15. The htc hd2 already had the 4.3 in screen months before

  16. The droid incredible was the first with 8mp camera …

  17. @chogardjr Are you joking? First 4.3″ screen – HTC HD2, First WiMax – HTC Max 4G, first 8mpx camera – Sony Ericsson C905. That list is a joke.

  18. Pretty sure the HD2 was the first with the 4.3″ screen, but the EVO was more innovative than the iPad anyhow.

  19. Soap is number one?!?! And a hair pin is number 4? Also notice that the number one product is for sale at a discount for readers of good housekeeping. Objective? Maybe not. I guess you gotta post the story, but the source and list are pretty weak!

  20. fighting over evo and ipad, to bad the G2 blows everything out of the water. haha

  21. Ipad number 7? Who made that list? Put the crack pipe down, ipad is number one!

  22. i think the Htc Evo 4G should be running the new htc sense because its in the same categories as the Htc thunderbolt (Verizon),HTc Inspire (AT&T)and the Htc G2 or Mytouch 4G (T-Mobile)

  23. didn’t the incredible have the 1st 8 megapixel camera

  24. @dork G2 sucks…

    the EVO has done everything I could have asked for.

  25. do NOT forget the kickstand

  26. Ohhhhhh, boy. Let the apple lovers rise against the (superior) EVO…… as is with all apple products, inherent limitations within the OS and apples’ near nazi-esque deathgrip on full control of whats allowed on an ipad will be its undoing. Not to mention the also inherent weaknesses in the mac os itself. Jailbreak on an ipad? I havent seen one, not to say that it doesnt exist, but then again Ive not been looking for one, nor will I be doing so any time soon as my EVO does everything the ipad does and then some… a Stephen Colbert tip of the hat is well and truly due to HTC

  27. EVO was the first to have everything for its time (4G, FFC, Android 2.2, kickstand, 8 MP camera). #3 is too low for this unbelievable invention. Hate all you want but every phone today references as a “sister” or “brother” or “cousin” to the EVO. EVO is the gold standard that all phones are compared to.

  28. Ipad will never be at the #1 spot, I had a iphone but was turned off by how locked down they had it.Then they pushed out the ipad (like what everyone says it is just a giant iphone thanks Motorola for pointing that out) and all the apple cult followers will buy whatever apple puts their names on, only thing I can say that apple does well is marketing other than that I’m good on supporting apple

  29. The source list is in no particular order… The EVO just happens to be #3.

  30. Carmendiva is correct. The Incredible was the first one released and available that had the 8MP camera. The EVO was released shortly after.

  31. *Among the the two phones* I should add.

  32. This is goodhousekeepings list, not a list of the most inovative phones. It spans across the board.

  33. @MN No, phones are not compared to the EVO. There are no “EVO-killers” or “EVO-rip-offs”. If there’s a reference phone, then it’s the iPhone.

  34. Innovation is defined as “the act of introducing something new”. You guys are all associating innovation with electronics and technology, which is wrong, it has a much broader meaning.

  35. We lost to laundry detergent?…

  36. Nexus was way more innovative than anything on that list. AMOLED (in that time) large screen, good build quality that felt exquisite, thin, 2.1, Nexus updates from Google,hi-res device, a new way to buy phones, first 1ghz processor, etc.

  37. you all know what was innovative? the G1, get over ipads and evos, and soap.

  38. Some of you posters are, quite frankly, idiots. Yes, laundry detergent made number one. Did you read why? It is more concentrated than any have been before, to the point that it takes about 1/8th of the liquid to do what conventional brands do. This has never been done. Yes, that makes it innovative. Doesn’t have to be the coolest, or neatest thing in the world. But when you think of shelf space, shipping costs, environmental impacts? Yes, that makes it pretty damn innovative. That list clearly isn;t a “techie” list, but more of an overall list (and it is on good housekeeping institute’s site).

  39. @mn those things you listed the EVO was not a first for any… FFC has been around WAY longer than evo, wimax has been done for a phone in russia before the EVO, 8mp Camera in a phone goes to SE, NOT the EVO, kickstand…. kinda, HD2 has an optional battery back that has one… look, these are great things, and amazing when put together in one device, but don’t say it was the first…. maybe the first with that combination of goods but that is it.

    i have an EVO btw so don’t call me a hater, i love HTC/Sprint and my EVO kicks, ass, just don’t lie about it to make it sound cooler cause it doesn’t need your help

  40. @bela i actually saw what the list was, but intended to keep going on. therefor, i am not a idiot.

  41. dyson fan @2?????
    this list is shit that “fan” is the biggest [piece of shit i have ever seen in my life ! serious !
    plus evo is old news
    mt4g destroys it in every way

  42. @dork 100% correct

  43. Really, first front camera, my nokia 5800 had that. First 1 ghz processor, the nexus one had that and you forgot that crappy gpu. Hdmi out, nice fps cap. And that crappy lcd and piss poor battery life. Face it, nothing special other than boasting advertisements.

  44. You guys are naming these other phones that may have been first to incorporate something innovative into their phones, but the thing is they were not as popular as the Evo nor did they incorporate all things into one phone and have it come out as beautiful a product as the Evo. HTC max? Nokia anything? Come on those phones couldn’t hold a candle to Evo. It may not have been first to have a 4.3″ screen or front facing camera or 8mp camera, or wimax, but it was the first to have all that on one phone.

  45. why is the evo marked 4/5 stars? thats whats bugging me out!!!

  46. It really is pretty crazy that a phone that came out 7 months ago is still the gold standard of all Android phones considering how fast cellular technology evolves. And to think that Evo owners who purchased in June will be eligible for a FULL upgrade in just 5 months. Not to mention their rates are cheaper than any of the big 4 carriers. It just doesn’t get any better than to be a Sprint customer…

  47. Don’t forget that the evo plays flash and the piece of shit Ipad doesn’t.

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