LG Optimus 2X Slaps Around iPhone 4 in Browser Speed Test


Want to witness the true power of dual-core processing in a smartphone? Look no further than exhibit A above, where the LG Optimus 2X makes short work of rendering websites that the iPhone’s pretty quick Safari mobile browser had to work for. OK, maybe the contest was a bit closer, but there is no disputing the winner when it is all said and done. We can’t wait to get our hands on this beast when we hit the show floor at CES over the next few days, so stay tuned for some of our very own benchmarks and comparisons.

[via AndroidArena]

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  1. I’m really starting to like LG…..

  2. Owned. If I remember correctly, Froyo is faster than iOS4 at web browsing anyways. But why not throw in a dual core and run circles around the iPhone.

  3. IPhone 4 got it’s ass kick all over again.

  4. ha and he even starts the lg in the 2nd one a little after and it still smokes the iphone

  5. The Nexus One is already faster than the iPhone 4. I hope that a device running the same OS (android) and the same browser, but with a dual core CPU is better!

  6. Well why shouldn’t it be faster, it has a Dual-Core 1000MHz ARM Cortex-A9 versus a 800MHz Cortex-A8. I’m sure its faster than all other Android phones too…..

  7. Where is that Steve Jobs when you need him?

  8. I agree with Chris, I noticed myself that the iPhone got a fraction of a seconds’ headstart and still got pwned.

    Bet all the Apple fanbois would still claim an unfair competition for some b.s. reason or another, though!

  9. Really? A new phone with dual core beat a 6 month old phone with a single core? Did you really expect differently? Having said that, this LG phone is looking really good.

  10. Steve Jobs:
    “You’re browsing wrong.”

  11. I have a hard time seeing this as a big deal. The Snapdragons, and Hummingbirds (A4 is basically a Hummingbird, so the A4 too) seem plenty fast in normal operation.

    The bottleneck in my daily use (real world use) is cell radio, not the phone itself. 3G is decent, 4G is a bit better, but it’s the latency on the cell network that is hurting us more than anything.

  12. Android has always been great at loading pages fast. The best even. It falls down when you try to scroll through a page with moderate/high content. I’d gladly take HW accelerated scrolling over a slightly faster loading time.
    Just saying…

  13. this “youre___wrong” jokes are getting old, not a fair compairison

  14. These tests are generally bullshit — you can make any phone look faster then any other phone by:

    (1) running more or less processes in the background
    (2) enabling/disabling javascript
    (3) cacheing or not cacheing websites in the browser
    (4) pre-loading the browser itself or not

    I’m not saying this test is wrong, I mean who wouldn’t fully expect a dual core phone to convincingly beat a single core? But still unless the tests are conducted by someone you can trust, don’t believe them. Don’t believe them when Steve Jobs demos it onstage and don’t believe it when some LG engineer posts a video he made of a yet to be released phone.

  15. iPhone 5 will smoke this LG crap

  16. @Steko Exactly how would you run more processes in the background on iOS than on Android?

  17. To be honest 3g has nothing to do with it if you look on the video they are both running on the wifi network so it doesnt matter about cell radio and all that BS. Nice try tho

  18. Is it me or LG Optimus 2X looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4, but a little bit bigger?

  19. @ Android is for poor people

    You’re so pathetic. Your only hope to stay in the smartphone game is a product that hasn’t even been RUMORED, much less announced. What a wonderful fantasy world you must live in. Go back to Tipb and whine about how long it’s taking apple to gouge you for inferior tech with awful software. Stupid masochist.

  20. @ Dan, and Steko

    Just stop already really… it was a fair compairison. How many people on a day to day basis CLAIM the I-Phone is hands down the GOD of all phones. Why must you both hate on an OS for phones which can do just as much, and more then I-Phone OS? I-Phone had its time to shine… Its not Android’s fault that it shines better ;D

    @ Android is for poor people
    LOL!!! Having an expensive phone means NOTHING when our phones do more, and do it better then yours. Its not our fault that our makers like to give us deals ;D Unlike Mr Jobs who wants to tell you what to pay, how to pay it, when to pay it, and for all we know when to pee at this point. Im just waiting for when Steve Jobs sends a massive message to I-Phones for a mass suicide, and all I-Phone users (Like the morons they are) will say “Well my I-Phone said it!”

    *Hands you 3 juice boxs*
    Now you kids come back when you want some grown up phones okay :)?

  21. i got my upgrade ready… im waiting for a dual core android on sprint….. i love my epic 4g, but i want dual core!

  22. LG is junk nonetheless!

  23. 2 things. First, Im confused, this is a bad thing for android right? Its a dual core that everyone has been holding their breath for and it is a few seconds faster than the much older iPhone 4, this is disappointing right? Im disappointed.

    Also, of course Android is for poor people, but also tech geeks. Its free and its open, so yeah, poor people and geeks, but thats what Google is aiming for, those are the demographics left out of iPhone’s aim. Google is smart, they noticed a huge demographic (poor and/or tech geek) that the iPhone hadnt reached, and they reached them. Whats even smarter is that, even though Android is still really buggy (all the freezing, force closes, reboots, etc…), they slap it on expensive hardware and there you have a “high-end” Android, so now they have devices for poor people, tech geeks, and even “high-end” users. Dual Core is not impressive so far, but Google is moving forward so they should be happy regardless of dual core’s performance.

  24. Zonk:
    “Exactly how would you run more processes in the background on iOS than on Android?”

    Step 1: kill all extra processes on your Android phone.
    Step 2: stream Pandora and download a movie from iTunes on the iphone (etc.)
    Step 3: post the video of “slow iphone” on YT.

    Antoine Dodson wrote a song about people like you: you are really dumb, for real.

  25. @ shadow…I nearly pissed myself reading your post.

  26. Its a fake, iPhone is faster

  27. Anyone actually follow @Davis logic?

  28. @shadowgtx who said i hate on android- i have an evo 4g , youre the one thats biased and ignorant

  29. i take the iphone 4 any day, who wants a korean phone???

  30. My Desire is ok but the battery life is complete shit and the lag is unbearable sometimes and this for a phone with more ram (768mb)than any other phone on the market so far. I only hope android becomes less fragmented with the release of honeycomb onwards. We need a 2.4 update from Google to continue to refine and optimise like Gingerbread did.

  31. How do you consider my Samsung Fascinate at 540+ dollars (off contract) for “poor people”? You can buy a mid level laptop for that price. And in this economy everyone is trying to be frugal where and when they can. To pay for an over-priced phone on a lame network and than be told what you can and can’t run on it, to me that’s just idioditic and wasteful. So if you want to call me poor for being a smart consumer, so be it. Sticks an stones…..sticks an stones….

  32. Yawn,

    I iPhone is for people who aren’t smart enough to know what good technology is. So they just follow Jobs around like good little lemmings. Never questioning. Always willing to give up their rent money for the latest shiny object.

    Financial Darwinism at work.

  33. Dan and steko. Stfu, commie bastards. Lol.

  34. hey jouten go f’ck yourself

  35. Optimus 2X makes me happy, finally a phone that’s worth it. Evo was the old 2X LOL. The UI looks so epic, I love it, and the widget…omg. but Tmo, WHY TMO?!?!?!!?!? ALL CARRIERS. :@

  36. @Jeff Bellman
    u dumb ass :) where do you think they make your precious iPhone 4 :)
    It is not made in USA for sure :D
    do a little research where is it assembled…

  37. android is buggy??? you are on something. android is the best os for phones right now. apple is the king with software issues. iphones are for people who are just following a fad. android is faster and apps are great because it is easy to dev your own app for android. apple is a joke for makeing your own app but 99% of iphone owners will never even look into it. if you want a phone a 4 old year can run then yes go iphone. you want a phone for a powerhouse then android would be your choice. i have owned both a iphone and android phones and can tell you the only way to make a iphone somewhat better is to jailbreak it but one wrong move and you have a 600 dollar brick. android is much easier to unlock. just remember people iphone=fad and i also find it great the iphone is going to other carriers so they all can enjoy the network problems to follow. ;

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