EA Bringing Popular Strategy Game Worms to Android


Before there was Angry birds there was Worms, a game with a at times plays pretty similarly and that experienced a period of popularity much like the Birds do today, though it has since waned. Now it may get a second wind thanks to mobile gaming and EA. The game publisher is bringing the title to Android, and a leak has provided us with our first look at how it will play out on your handset.

It leans more towards Tanks than Angry Birds (as in the enemies actually fight back), but it should seem instantly familiar if you are used to strategically angling and catapulting small lifeforms in order to cause mass destruction. We also aren’t saying there is a leak of the game floating about the internet at this very moment, but if you were in to that sort of things chances are you’ve already found it.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Worms is the greatest game EVER!!!! I am so excited!

  2. My favorite game, first game i bought for my itouch

  3. i went to EA’s mobile site on my Evo and bought it for $2… haven’t played it yet since i’m at work but it did ask for a 40MB download of additional game data

  4. Schweet! Hopefully that’s just a language option and Team 17 are actually making it rather than a German team. Might nip down the road to their HQ and see if they’ll let me have a copy before release :P

  5. Uh oh!!

  6. I would love to see Lemmings come to Android. That was a great game when it was around. :)

  7. Wait, what, it’s out?

  8. @swehes: Look for Mechanics Touch, it’s like Lemmings.

  9. This game is ok, but I wish I would have downloaded spaghetti marshmallow before it went from free to 2.23. Snooze ya loose I guess.

  10. Well, I just installed it and all I can say is: Goodbye Angry Birds, Hello Worms!

  11. Yeah, it would help if it wasn’t in German.

  12. I’ll wait for the American verion. Who wants to play the leaked German version when you can’t understand half of whats going on?

  13. It’s in English. At least the one I found.

  14. Just bought it off the eamobile site, a tiny bit of lag on my Desire but it’s great nontheless.

  15. I haven’t found on the US site, could someone please share a link.


  16. Not available for the Droid X yet…

  17. Yes yes yes yes!!!!!

  18. Probly my favorite game ever was Worms World Party. Unfortunently I cant get it to work on my laptop cuz of some integrated video card crap.

  19. What about worms 2?


  21. Worms! Yes! Its my favorite game ever made. I’ve not stopped playing it in 15 years+

  22. Mi Amor, Vous êtes de retour! <3 I love worms!

  23. Game looks and feels good on the evo. Worms ftw!

  24. I’ve been testing this game today and it does seem quite hard.
    Hope they fine tune the playability before full release.

  25. @swehes: Lemmings would be AWESOME on android!
    @GRRemlin: i will have to check that out if it’s like lemmings.

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