Motorola Mobility Officially Its Own Entity


A few years ago, everyone was talking about the death of Motorola’s Mobile business and how they just needed to enjoy a peaceful death. More than a few years ago, they were sitting on top of the mobile world with their RAZR phones. Now, they’re sitting on top of the mobile world once again, thanks to their unwavering support of Android.

Today, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha rung the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange to mark the official beginning of the new company, spun off from Motorola. The spinoff has been in-the-works for a couple years now, so this is the culmination of a lot of planning, and what better way to start the new company than with a new year and CES 2011? None.

Additional information can be found via a Motorola Mobility Shareholders FAQ Document.


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  1. just wait till motoblur kills them

  2. Bought 400 shares of MOT on December 22nd, those translated to 50 shares of MMI (up 9% today), and 57 shares of MSI (up 5% this afternoon). I also own QCOM, GOOG and VZ. I truely think Android has huge growth ahead, and have been trying to shape my portfolio to include the big players. Since I don’t know how to develop apps, I will try to make my money in the equity markets.

  3. After the Cliq XT debacle, I won’t be buying anything from Motorola Mobility…Nuff said

  4. Really cause Moto has a really good line up ahead of them. With the best tablet coming out the xoom, then the etna I think there going to be more than ok. One more thing the OG droid was and is still the highest percentage used phone and the droid x was a hit so I am still wondering what you are talking about. Every phone has its problems EX. Samsung Gps sucks wont work, Iphone Multitasking was non existent until recently , HTC battery problems so to be honest its not a big deal. I know that I bought my droid OG day it came out and I still have it working great and the build is great too. Not a fanboy but to say that moto is going to fail is naive.

  5. Does this mean that Motorola Mobility will come out of the dark ages and start being a better Android citizen? Say, releasing their sources for the Cliq so the community can salvage these overpriced, underpowered bricks we were tricked into?

  6. On top of America maybe, but Moto are seriously in trouble in Europe, Asia etc! Lack of updates, (milestone/Droid still waiting for Froyo, other phones updated in US abandoned elsewhere) no customer support, militairy grade locked bootloaders, just check out other regions Facebook sites! Maybe American sales alone will keep it afloat but it will soon cease to exist elsewhere!

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