ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and Eee Pad Slider Announced – Tegra 2 Honeycomb Hybrids


To round out today’s Android-based announcements from ASUS, the Eee Pad Transformer and Eee Pad Slider have been flaunted on stage. Both of these devices are very similar: they both run Android 3.0, they both boast 10 inch multi-touch IPS displays with a resolution of 1280×800, and they’re both powered by Tegra 2 dual-core processors. Other features include Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, front-facing and rear-facing cameras (VGA and 5 megapixels, respectively).

The main differences between the two will be their physical options. Starting with the Slider, it’s exactly what its name makes it out to be: it’s a tablet slate that can slide up to transform into a netbook as a full QWERTY keyboard sits beneath it. The Transformer is of similar taste, but the keyboard is actually detachable.

These fit in nicely with ASUS’ choice + innovation model. I’ve never been more excited for an Android netbook, if I might share my own thoughts. It looks like Android 3.0 is making the prospect of portable PCs just as much of a reality as tablets and handsets are now. We’ve seen Android netbooks before, but they didn’t look nearly as nice and didn’t have nearly as many features.

Just as with the Eee Pad MeMo, we’ll be dying to get our hands on these products at CES and we’ll be bringing full coverage right to your screen. Stay tuned.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

ASUS Eee Pad MeMo – 7-inch Android Tablet Announced [VIDEO]

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  1. The Transformer is how all tablets should be made. Such a great thing to have keyb+mouse+extra battery when you’re on a trip/vacation.

    I think this will put an end to the netbook-era. 16 hours of battery time is 4 times of a regular Atom-powered netbook.

  2. Voice support?

  3. Nice. I own an asus netbook now and love it, so these look really good to me. When the one I have goes, I will likely wind up with something from the asus lineup again… Especially running with touch screen like my phone. ;)

  4. i am stoked for the options i’m gonna have soon

  5. @iamsteventucker

  6. After sleeping on this idea I think that it is absolutely genius! Suprised it took this long for someone to make, I mean its simple, but a great Idea netbook when you want and tablet when you dont. I might consider this…

  7. Now this is more like it Asus! Thankew! Might replace my EEE netbook.

  8. Bingo. Come back here wallet.

  9. Asus make quality stuff, that’s for sure. Too bad we have to wait for these cool tablets. Would not mind if they could try to make a proper Android smartphone, now that they will no longer be partnering Garmin. Probably be at MWC if they have anything though.

  10. Transformer is making me horny!

  11. Just how powerful are these devices? Can I play high end games with these?

  12. Depends on what you mean, there aren’t many high end games for Android yet. Dungeon defenders has nice graphics though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh0pbf5D4Gk&hd=1

  13. @aa
    I meant computer games like crysis or stalker.

  14. From what I’ve been reading so far, it seems honeycomb is made solely for tablets with dual core processors. Nothing has been mentioned about phones required to have dual core for honeycomb, it jus rumored. I believe phones won’t require it since their more compact and don’t use as much power as tablets. That’s just my opinion, had to throw that in there. Does anybody agree or disagree

  15. the transformer will definitely be my tablet of choice hands down.

  16. That Asus Eee Pad Transformer is amazing cant wait to get my hands on one of those. I just hope it come with 4G LTE, crossing my finger. Regardless Kudos to Asus! That Eee Pad Transformer tablet will transform my life ;-)

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