eLocity Aims to Bring 7 New 10 Inch Android Tablets Jan. 17


Stream TV have announced the existence of a line of 10-inch Android tablets that will be going on sale January 17th. They’re being called the A10 line, and its naming convention has models going from A10.1 to A10.7. They state that these will have the highest screen resolution available out of any tablet devices in the market today, but didn’t give any specifics.

But the screen size and resolution won’t be the only thing to drop your jaws at, apparently: it’ll run Android 3.0 and will be sporting an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. You’ll also be getting a microSD card slot, a USB port, and a 1080p-capable HDMI port in each of the seven models. Suddenly, eLocity’s just won the hearts (and wallets) of many-a tablet geek. We want to wait until we see this thing in action before passing judgment, though, so we’ll be taking a look at all of these at their CES booth in just a couple of days. Pre-orders go live January 17th at Amazon, MicroCenter, Newegg, Walmart, Frys, TigerDirect, BJ’s, and Sears.

Note: Tablet pictured is eLocity’s current-selling 7-inch Android tablet, the A7.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. NewEgg, Frys, Amazon. Great! Because Frys now price matches Amazon and WalMart price matches (I think).

    Great info…hope the hardware is top notch!

  2. Pre orders go live the same day they go on sale…? Its one or the other. Not both.

  3. Are these gonna be non multi touch like the A7 pictured? Ill wait for a better on if that’s the case. Id like to have archos gen 8 slim factor as well.

  4. Available on January 17th running Android 3.0. Hmmmm… Either the specs are bogus or they know something we don’t.

  5. @Chris I used the terms interchangeably.

  6. I love my A7, but it was one step above above a Heathkit project. If it wasn’t for the support of XDA forum members that were able to hack the Google Marketplace and fix a couple of other serious issues, I would have returned my A7.

    With that said, I enjoyed the modding and I now have a screaming fast 7″ tablet with full Google Marketplace access for a measly $250.

    Also, if I recall correctly, there was a delay of several months between the initial ship date for the A7 and when they actually hit the market.

    If they bring the A10 to market for under $350, I would have to take a seriously look at it even if it required another round of “fix it yourself” tweaking to make it usable.

  7. Only 7 Tablets? They really should learn about mass production.

    Seriously, I hope this will be the year of the sub $200 Tablet. With so many new entries, it looks promising.

  8. Why do they need 7 different 10 inch tablets? That is overkill.

  9. Maybe even buy one:)Great info

  10. The g tablet is a fast tablet with tegra 2…. but the screen quality sucks like the viewing angle and pixel density is bad.. I hope this coming new 10″ tablets have addressed these shortcomings.

  11. @ JRDroid
    The model numbering scheme is A10.1-A10.7. I am not sure this necessarily correlates to that many tablets. That said, let’s compare to the iPad. There is a 16, 32, and 64GB model with only wifi and the same three models with 3G . That leaves us with 6 versions (models)of the same device, allowing consumers to choose which is right for them.

  12. @Bela
    Apple is fragmented.

  13. and here i was thinking before i opened this link was.. “another 2.1 tablet” lol. nice specs! i like!!

  14. Competition is a great thing. Now Verizon dropping the price of the Galaxy Tab makes sense.

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