Dec 30th, 2010

lg_logoThe Korea Times is reporting that LG wont allow Motorola to be the only Honeycomb tablet unveiled at CES; rather Lucky Goldstar will have their own 8.9″ beast on display in Las Vegas next week.

We knew that LG was interested in getting into the Tablet game as soon as Honeycomb was ready, but all of that has been overshadowed by Motorola’s more publicly known entry, the XOOM.

LG also plans to show off “auto-stereoscopic 3D mobile displays” at the event, making LG a late but more than welcome headliner to the CES game.

Given LG’s readying of the new standard of super phone, the LG Optimus 2X as well as their intentions to increase investment, 2011 may be the year of LG.

[via techradar]

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