LG Wants In On CES+Tablet Game


lg_logoThe Korea Times is reporting that LG wont allow Motorola to be the only Honeycomb tablet unveiled at CES; rather Lucky Goldstar will have their own 8.9″ beast on display in Las Vegas next week.

We knew that LG was interested in getting into the Tablet game as soon as Honeycomb was ready, but all of that has been overshadowed by Motorola’s more publicly known entry, the XOOM.

LG also plans to show off “auto-stereoscopic 3D mobile displays” at the event, making LG a late but more than welcome headliner to the CES game.

Given LG’s readying of the new standard of super phone, the LG Optimus 2X as well as their intentions to increase investment, 2011 may be the year of LG.

[via techradar]

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  1. Well now. If LG can promise and keep the promise of timely updates then they be competition for their sister/brother Samsung. I’d give em a shot.

  2. Oh yeah Carrier tablet still = FAIL

  3. I like optimus x2 better than the htc thunderbolt and motorola Olympus. So go lg!

  4. lg can never be compared to motorola. lg phones do not have the proper chipsets and their electronics division is one of the worst division they could ever have.

  5. Wonder if Whirlpool will be releasing a tablet this year. Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool.

  6. Dual-core tablet (or large phone) + 3D display = money leaving my wallet.

  7. Can someone please explain me WHY Phandroid laggs? I got a really powerfull laptop with Intel Core i5 and yet this is the only page that lags for me right now. I have to wait like 8 sec to even see a glimt of the page. What the hell guys?

  8. LOL, I hear theyre calling it the LG Optimus Board.

    Still sounds better than the Motorola XOOM.

    Wtf, is it a Mazda commercial? Xoom Xoom. LAME

  9. Tablets are a fuzzy business. What’s the tablet raison d’etre? At some point, it’s better then a smartphone, but not as cumbersome as netbook/laptop. I think that Samsung has it right so far at 7″… we have smartphones as large as 5″ (Dell Streak). Personally, I have a Dell Mini 9(Ubuntu), it serves the purpose of web browsing without needing much processing or need for a lot of typing… that’s what my 15″ Windows laptop is for. When you start pushing tablets over $600 I can find a more powerful laptop with a bigger screen. According to the media, the iPad is the “it” to beat… when I look at it, I don’t get it. For me, a tablet fits in between my phone and laptop. Anyone else feels that way?

  10. @Norsehawk: Most likely it’s the ads on this site. They need to code the page in such a way that delays in the ads don’t hold up loading of the rest of the page.

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