Honeycomb to be out in February by way of Next-Gen Tablets?


Even with Google wanting to slow down the upgrade cycle, we may have just gotten confirmation that Honeycomb will arrive as early as February of 2011. The report came from DigiTimes who state both Motorola and LG will have Tegra 2-equipped Honeycomb tablets out in February and March, respectively. It’s not the first time we’ve heard about their tablet plans, but when we did first hear about them, Gingerbread was to be the heir apparent for this new onslaught of tablets.


Quickly, we learned Gingerbread would be more of an incremental upgrade to lay down the framework for everything that the tablet specific version of Android – now affectionately known as Honeycomb – would be. It made a lot of sense, then, that Gingerbread was slated for an early 2011 launch before, but now we’re potentially faced with yet another upgrade to Android within just a few months (we’ll say three, to be safe. We wholly expect Gingerbread to be out of the oven before Christmas.)

We’ll know more once CES gets underway in January 2011 where we expect a lot of smash mouth announcements to be made from a variety of manufacturers and carriers.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. read my name,thats what i did when i saw this!!

  2. I’m still rockin 1.6

  3. 1.6 on G1 here :(

  4. The Gingerbread man cometh.
    To my Nexus very soon.


  5. 1.6 on a G1? C’mon guys, go to xda developers, learn to root (one click on the G1) and get some cyanogenmod going.. I fell in love with my G1 all over again once it was running 2.2.

    Now she’s been set aside for her younger sibling (G2).

  6. Don’t mention “root” to anyone on this forum or you may get a tongue lashing! Apparently we have a lot of forum members that think it’s piracy and we shouldn’t mess with apps or rooting phones which disable ads. *gasp*

  7. That would mean Honeycomb and Chrome OS would come out at about the same time. I wonder if Google is making some kind of strategic plan to release them at the same time?

  8. I am perfectly fine with rooting and wish I was smart/brave enough to do it. I can’t find anything on the MyTouch 3G 1.2 that is not freaking complicated. I don’t want to brick my phone.

  9. cranking out releases like this is just going to start getting annoying until their is a way for users to upgrade their phone w/o waiting for their phone manufacturer to stop dicking around. I’m still waiting for 2.2 on my Vibrant. Yes I realize that I could root. Point is, I shouldn’t have to. On a $500 laptop my OS would upgrade right away without having to mess around with it, why should it take so long on a $500 phone?

  10. Nice! Can’t wait to see those tablets! Was sad to hear the motorola tablet was pushed back but i guess we now know why:)…HONEYCOMB!

  11. Tons of inaccuracy in this article. Samsung and LG both mentioned that Honeycomb was the version for tablets at IFA. Neither of them explictly said Gingerbread would be the version for tablets, that was incorrectly inferred by blogs. And Gingerbread was always slated for “before the end of the year”, never 2011.
    According to AndroidandMe two separate teams worked on Gingerbread and Honeycomb at the same time.
    What may have happened is that Android has been split into two branches, with phones occupying 2.X, and tablets 3.X. So maybe phones will skip from Gingerbread straight to Ice Cream.

  12. @catch

    Not really. Lets say you have windows xp on a Dell Studio 15 and windows 7 comes up. There is no guarantee that Dell will have the drivers necessary for you to upgrade right away to Windows 7. They may even feel that the Studio 15 is to old to even get drivers and you should just purchase a new machine. Dont like that analogy, ok lets use service packs. HP computers bricked when SP1 for Vista released. BSOD’s galore. Those users had no option of rolling back or removing the SP, there was a lengthy fix released and SP1 had to be reworked for them.

  13. @Eric why?

    Other than people who bought horrible phones most should be able to find 2.2 roms at xda or other likely sources.

  14. ROOT.

  15. @Steve
    Yeah XDA has root for my phone but it’s like 15 steps long and is a little to complicated for me. Like I said I don’t want to get half way through rooting and accidentaly brick my phone. If you want to come to Salt Lake and do it for me that would be awesome.

  16. Actually, there are a number of one click root methods available for a wide range of phones. Search XDA and you should be able to find them.

  17. What is a one click root? You don’t have to download a bunch of crap and flash this and unzip that and reboot this?

  18. @Eric what phone?
    Bricking a phone is hard as hell to do.

  19. @Eric

    As simple as installing androot, clicking root then installing rom manager and telling it to flash clockwork and pick a rom to load.

  20. 2.2.1 on both my Nexus and Mytouch 4G

  21. @chris showoff, I am still wondering if it is worth it to go to CM6.1 RC4 or wait for it to hit stable.

  22. looks like ASUS wasnt BSing when the said they planned on having a Tablet out in (around) March running Honeycomb afterall…..

  23. @jerrycurl when someone tells you that they think rooting and upgrading your phone to a newer more recent version of android is piracy, ask them this…

    “how can you pirate open source?”

  24. @JerryCurl rooting does not mean disabling adds. Sure it makes that possible, but my Droid 1 is rooted and overclocked, yet I still pay for apps and do not block adds.

  25. hey guys, any news on when is froyo coming to captivate?

  26. rockin that 2.2 on my evo 4g… come in and get that to the nations fastest network——sprint baby

  27. The more I read about honeycomb the more I want to wait to get a new phone. Since Google had two teams working (one on Gingerbread and one on Hony comb). I wonder, if honeycomb will be able to load up on phones. The processor and battery will probably be higher on tablets. So, will there be a 3.1 for phones, or how will that work? Will current phones be able to upgrade?

  28. @JerryCurl well, apparently the Droid Incredible forum is different once again. We proudly welcome all would-be rooters

  29. so is Honeycomb supposed to be the 3d bumptop desktop designed for android? That WOULD make for a very unique tablet experience.

  30. Love how the most powerful phones on the market don’t even have 2.2 yet… damn samsung, hope you can pull your heads out of your asses and just skip from 2.1 all the way to 2.3 for us with the galaxy s’s. Granted that we already have an alpha rom of Gingerbread and our devs got a leak of Honeycomb to play around with.

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