Dec 30th, 2010

The HD2: The perfect example of great hardware(at release) powering the worst software HTC could possibly think of. Thankfully XDA felt the same way and got to work getting a real operating system on it. The world got to see Android on the HD2 and it was pretty great; with a constant stream of kernel updates and a slew of ROM devs the HD2 got the royal treatment. Unfortunately it was still a Windows phone and Android ran straight from the SD card.

Dark Forces Team fixed that and has given us the first NAND ROM of Android. Quick and dirty: NAND means the phone will boot straight into Android eliminating the need for haret.exe

The ROM that you’ll flash is a spin off of the HTC Desire ROM, which means it is a FroYo Sense build. Full instructions can be found here.

[Read on Engadget]

This would happen five days after I move to the G2.

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