HD2 Receives Its First NAND Android ROM


The HD2: The perfect example of great hardware(at release) powering the worst software HTC could possibly think of. Thankfully XDA felt the same way and got to work getting a real operating system on it. The world got to see Android on the HD2 and it was pretty great; with a constant stream of kernel updates and a slew of ROM devs the HD2 got the royal treatment. Unfortunately it was still a Windows phone and Android ran straight from the SD card.

Dark Forces Team fixed that and has given us the first NAND ROM of Android. Quick and dirty: NAND means the phone will boot straight into Android eliminating the need for haret.exe

The ROM that you’ll flash is a spin off of the HTC Desire ROM, which means it is a FroYo Sense build. Full instructions can be found here.

[Read on Engadget]

This would happen five days after I move to the G2.

Tyler Miller

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  2. Saying “First” makes you stupid. Go DIE

  3. I must agree, the HD2 is a nice piece of hardware, which is pretty appealing until Windows 6.5 shows its ugly head, ugh. This is a pretty nice update for the HD2 :)

  4. I would love to read a full review of this. I always thought this is the absolute best hardware. I adore the 4.3″ (same aspect ration, not what Motorola uses) screen but the Evo/Desire HD is just too bulky. If this thing had a flash and a decent operating system, it would be perfect. If this effort was a success, it might just have one of those. I’d love to see a full review. How stable? Does it have all the services? Is this a viable first phone without a backup option with me at all times?

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  8. But whats the point of saying “FIRST”??? Does it give some sort of self gratification??? Have you not achieved anything in life??? It’s pointless to any article on here, let alone anywhere else on the internet. Back on topic, this phone is great!!! My friend was running android off the SD card and it was still better than Windows 6.5

  9. Awesome, is it stable though?

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  18. Will the HD2’s Camera work on this Android build? That was the problem with the older ones.

  19. @Mxtc
    Seems like you probably haven’t used any SD Card ROMs lately. There were no more issues for me, specially after DarkStone brought out the RAM version.
    Now we have the NAND version, it should be perfect. I’m downloading it right now.

  20. On topic – This is awesome. I’ve been trying to convince my coworker who has a “dying” HD2 to try out Android, but we’re wondering if booting into windows would cause a problem. Now I can walk him through how to do this and introduce him to our club.

    Off topic – “First” does grate alot of people. Heck, it annoys me. At the site I comment on, Gizmodo.com, saying first is a bannable offense. Of course, fighting over saying the word fist isn’t so good either. Just puttin it out there.

  21. @Bob. Let us know how stable it is for first phone (no backup) usage. Also, anyone (who has anything intelligent and useful to say here, we are kinda lacking these people), does it work on all variants of the HD2? I understand there are differences between carrier and non-carrier release (and US vs Europe). Thanks.

  22. So I got the update and its nothing less of extraordinary!!!!! Everything runs smoothly and its running on Android 2.2. I think it goes as far as even getting the same updates Aaron the desire…but that might just be wishful thinking lol
    But like I said, everything absolutely works…grim the phone calls to the wi-fi to the camera to the internet…amazing!!!!!

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