Moto Cliq 2 and Dell Streak Getting a January 19th Launch on T-Mobile?


t-mobile logoFor those of you waiting for either of these devices, you may have just received your “save the date”. TmoNews was tipped off to these two dates, which line up nicely with T-Mobile’s typical Wednesday launch as well as following CES.

We had a pretty good idea that the Dell Streak 7 would be heading to T-Mobile, we just didn’t have the dates. Looks like my plea for Honeycomb will go un-heeded.

As for the Cliq 2, we knew of it’s existence, and a few specifications, just nothing more. Expect this device to be laden with Motorola’s BLUR user interface, geared toward you social networkers.

Consumers can count on these devices being on display at Las Vegas’ CES, taking place next month.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. A Cliq 2? I have the original Cliq & that’s already a nightmare per Motorola’s part. If they bring it back at least make sure it gets proper updates or I would advise any Android user to avoid this thing like the plague!

  2. I was turned off by the word Blur. I still don’t know why manufacturers insist on ramming ugly, buggy, slow UI’s down the consumer’s throat.

  3. Wrong link for the Cliq 2 info.

  4. I wonder if the Cliq 2 will have good specs?

  5. I actually liked the Blur interface, that is, it was good for what it was made for. I’m not into the social stuff so it was useless for me. The Cliq 2 looks like a pretty decent phone. I dont know the specs but I’d get this for my GF, a Cliq owner, who only cares that it works and doesn’t worry about updates like I do.

  6. LMFAO@Cliq 2

    Cliq 2 released with Android 2.2 —-> 1 year later…Updated to 2.3!

  7. I agree with AGx
    I don’t really blame Moto for a having a cheaper, more socially oriented phone like the Cliq, or coming up with a sequel to it, or not updating it. It’s not for power users who count down the days to the next update. Moto has been pretty good with updates as far as I am concerned. They prioritize their higher end phones, but I think that is to be expected and is completely acceptable.

  8. I was a Cliq user and I will never again buy a motorola phone.

    Motorola makes it a lot more difficult for hackers to create roms for than other manufactures. No hacker was able to upgrade the os to 2.1 early with a stable rom.

    They were horrible at giving users timely updates, and when they finally do give users the upgrades, there’s two trillion bugs with it. With the cliq, they made the users wait until just last month to get the upgrade, and when they finally did, there were way too many problems with the phone.

    Plus, the Defy, which is on T-mobile, won’t get 2.2 until after next summer.


  9. At least they updated cliq *cough samsung!!!!

  10. ^ And the Cliq actually recieved plenty of updates, just no Android Version updates. Sure it would have been nice to have 2.0+ on there but given the hardware, it didn’t really add any great features to the phone. The 2.2 performance boost would have been great but I’m glad they spent more time working on the Droid line than the Cliq. Like he said, its a cheap phone. You get what you pay for.

    On that same note, I haven’t complained about the G1 not being updated (yup I’m still running that). It does what I need it to do, I’m a root user so I push it a bit further and no I’m patiently waiting for the phone that will lock me in to 2 more years with a carrier. It was going to be the NS but I have until february before I really need to decide, so i’ll wait.

  11. I dont consider a Motorola Cliq being sold at retail for $420 cheap by any means. The Cliq is very very close to the original Droid in terms of specs. Dont try and sugar coat it. The original Cliq was abandoned by Motorola!

  12. Just what T-Mo needs….two garbage devices.
    Hmmm…..Dell Streak, one of the years worst devices. I know what do to, add a 7″ screen and release on T-Mo. Brilliant!!! Chances are the Cliq 2 will release with Android 1.5 with promises of a quick upgrade to the latest version of Android. Cant people see that Motorola only supports their high end devices….which all belong to Verizon. If its coming from Motorola, and doesnt have a “Droid” name….dont buy it.

  13. The 2.1 version of Blur really isn’t all that bad looking. In fact, there are some aspects of it I miss on my MyTouch4G. But anything less than 2.2 on a new phone is sales suicide.

  14. I totally agree with Frank except that the Cliq 2 should be avoided like the plague regardless of its specs. It has MotoBlur on it and that should be enough to tell you to stay away. While you’re at it, just stay away from Motorola completely until they learn when to use stock Android.

    On another note, I was able to test the 2.1 update for the original Cliq. I wrote up a four page Word doc and all bugs/warnings/suggestions within went totally unheeded. After the upgrade was officially released, I downgraded back to 1.5 (with Blur, naturally).

  15. Yes. Moto only cares bout VZW-the one they spent money on to save their worthless butt. Moto has screwed TMO & their customers. F*Cl Moto.

  16. The lower end Moto phones are not for phone nerds; those who like to hack their phones, defeat the standard securities in place, or for those that like to develop their phones. If you are into hacking your phone, or are constantly looking for upgrades, don’t buy a low-end phone from Moto, HTC, Samsung, or any manufacturer. Think about it. If you did buy one of those phones, don’t be surprised those manufacturers haven’t upgraded the phone. They are for 15 year old girls who check text messages, facebook, and maybe email.

  17. motorola said that its goana release the flagship olympus phone on every carrier. olympus for the att and etna for the verizon and maybe cliq2 with tegra 2 dual core and the hspa for the t-mobile. thats the only way motorola can get things better.

  18. But Cliq 2 evokes a certain perception, correct? For me, that perception is a low-end phone geared for teens who just want to handle their social networking and that’s about it.

  19. Even if the cliq 2 comes out with 2.3 i still wont get it

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