“XPERIA Play” Launching in the Spring?


The device that started its life in the rumor mill as a PSP running Android and has slowly migrated to an Android device that only looks like a PSP may see a launch this spring.

At this point any launch date is pure speculation as Anyano Higuchi, Sony spokesperson said: “The report isn’t based on anything that we have announced, we do not comment on rumor or speculation”. Thankfully, this is Phandroid and the best part of our job is commenting on rumor and speculation.

Hopefully we will see the official unveiling at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Unfortunately this device has played the smoke and mirrors game leaving us with little information about its intended purpose, outside of looking like the PSPgo, since we were told this device isn’t meant to be interpreted as a Playstation device.

[via PC World]

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  1. I was super stoked about this device, but the more we hear, the less I’m into it. The idea of a game pad on my phone for emulation is great, but if they don’t fix the bulky design, low FPS, and have next-gen hardware, I may have to pass.

  2. The only way I will even put the slightest thought into this is of it has the tegra 2!

  3. Didn’t am informant who saw it say that it had an incredible screen? I wonder which one it is.

  4. I don’t let reports on things get me hyped our down anymore. I was super psyched about glacier at first then not so much once I found our it was a mytouch device. I got it anyway and absolutely love it. Best of a device I tell you.

  5. It’s sounding more and more like this is just a phone with a gamepad instead of a keyboard.

  6. If it is not a “PlayStation” phone, then why put the DuelShock buttons that are iconic to PlayStation? Kind of redundant if you ask me.

  7. how are we supposed to play proper shooting games (like Nova) without a joystick?? http://www.wokay.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/PSP-GO-1.jpg

  8. Low FPS? talking about android in general or some mystery benchmarks for this device?

  9. WhoaManWtF, please explain why you think Tegra 2 would somehow make this a better gaming device?

  10. @Eric i do remember that too. the screen is supposed to be really really nice..

  11. @wizard

    if it has Tegra 2 at least we KNOW it has GPU made for performance….

    Right now we have NO IDEA what it has , we only know the other Sony phones are UNDERPOWERED.


    Sony has thier own SUPER LCD screens , they are not Super AMOLED quality , but they are pretty nice.

    You can see the Super LCD in the HTC phones

  12. What makes you say that Tegra2 is a “GPU made for performance” when every other Tegra device has had relatively sucky graphics performance compared to Galaxy S? GeForce is awesome, but Tegra has so far been disappointing.

  13. A few facts for your consideration Don:

    SGX540 GPU:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab NeoCore 3D Benchmark: 52.9fps

    Tegra 2 GPU: 27.4fps

    Both GPUs are driving a 1024 x 600 displays when running this benchmark, but the SGX540 GPU is rendering the same frams 2x faster than the Tegra 2 GPU. I’m not saying that’s always going to be the case (maybe they’re better on some benchmarks than others) but it does beg the question of whether NVIDIA is perhaps just playing catch up to Imagination Technologies (and therefore Samsung Hummingbird, TI OMAP4 and others) with their new Tegra 2, instead of introducing a new level of 3D graphics.

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