Cowon Officializes D3 Plenue


Cowon has made their Android powered D3 Plenue, a personal media player, official.

Expect the following from this device:

  • 8, 16 or 32GB options
  • Eclair
  • 3.7″ AMOLED display
  • 1080p video playback
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • microSD slot
  • FM radio
  • Claims of VoIP

No official launch date has been set and availability will only be in South Korea, for the time being.

[via OLED Display | Cowon]

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  1. With Cowon’s usual awesome battery life and no cell standby to chew it up, this might be the longest lasting Android device ever!

  2. I only use my ipod in my car to play music and have been looking for a good replacment. Maybe Cowon will come through with this one. Although Eclair is somewhat of a downside.

  3. eclair? wtf…

  4. The real question is does this phone come with the awesome superimposed wallpaper?

  5. i’m interested. i’ve got an S9 although the screen is cracked so long term will need a replacement at some point. The battery life as ilh pointed out is amazing, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Cowon the sound quality on their products is their biggest selling point.

    The only issue with my S9 is the god awful flash based non responsive interface, but with android coming into the picture, they could be onto something here!

  6. Indeed their SQ is great. Got an S9 myself, although no cracked screen :P
    This might be interesting if it still has the hardware buttons as I don’t get it out of my pocket to skip tracks so would be a pain if I had to with this. The S9 is nicely customisable to a point, but this being Android would take it far further so would be pretty sweet.
    Looking again at the specs it’s shaping up to be a very nice PMP with a decent sized screen, expandability and i’m guessing they’ll be throwing in all the codec support like usual. Only down side is Eclair but then i’d be using this only as a PMP anyway without too many apps as my phone has them so not too sure how much of a downer that really is.

  7. Eclair isn’t a deal breaker for me as long as its rootable… depending on the price, the 32gb could make me overlook it even if it is locked down

  8. Cowon makes great products. I replaced my Cowon with iPod touch (apps), but I’d like to go back to Cowon. Only thing is, all these feature are available in phones. Do you think these personal media players will sell a lot?

  9. Cowon devices sound a million times better than that Apple junk people are buying.

  10. It’s interesting that it is capable of 1080p video playback. The only SoC that is currently capable of this is Tegra 2. Does the D3 have a Tegra 2 beating inside? Or is it a separate DSP just for decoding 1080p content and handling different video and audio format?

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