Dec 28th, 2010

HTC didn’t want you to feel left out in the cold when the Desire Z and Desire HD received software updates, Desire users. They’ll be sending out a software update just for you as well. Like your cousins, this is not Gingerbeard; sorry if we got your hopes up.

You can patiently wait for your update to ding, or you can give the ol’ checkin trick a try, details listed below:

  • Open the dialer
  • Dial *#*#checkin#*#* (*#*#2432546#*#*)
  • Wait

I jumped the gun a little on this when I saw it being disseminated throughout the blogosphere. Standard practice, Phandroid was way ahead of the game with this. If you have received the update 2.29.405.2, you are fully updated.

We’ll just peg this one as a refresher post, and a reminder that I should utilize the search feature, in the top right, more often.

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