[Updated]HTC Desire Getting Software Update


HTC didn’t want you to feel left out in the cold when the Desire Z and Desire HD received software updates, Desire users. They’ll be sending out a software update just for you as well. Like your cousins, this is not Gingerbeard; sorry if we got your hopes up.

You can patiently wait for your update to ding, or you can give the ol’ checkin trick a try, details listed below:

  • Open the dialer
  • Dial *#*#checkin#*#* (*#*#2432546#*#*)
  • Wait

I jumped the gun a little on this when I saw it being disseminated throughout the blogosphere. Standard practice, Phandroid was way ahead of the game with this. If you have received the update 2.29.405.2, you are fully updated.

We’ll just peg this one as a refresher post, and a reminder that I should utilize the search feature, in the top right, more often.

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  1. What is the software version? I had an update from HTC on my unlocked (UK) Desire last week.

  2. So are you meaning to write Gingerbeard now?

  3. They have to be doing Gingerbeard on purpose. Because Gingerbread is not hard at all to spell. Or maybe they are just dicussing putting a red bearded man on Android now?

  4. Im sure it Gingerbread.
    Looking forward to Gingerbread. alot! :-)

    Is “the trick” cost-free and will it work in any country?


  5. Eric, yes. More smirk inducing this way. I originally saw it in a tweet that Cyanogen must have typoed.

    John Nielsen, so far as I know using the checkin service *shouldn’t* charge you, but discretion is always needed.

  6. Desire 2.2 U.K Unlocked

    i got an update last week too, im now running


  7. Okay just wondering. I think it’s one awesome typo myself.

  8. i tried the check in and nothing. so do i wait and try it again or what. is this for ginger bread or is this an HTC update?

  9. Is this a further update? I received a update 2 weeks ago for my htc desire (unlocked) here in the UK, currently running on – 2.29.405.2

  10. Latest update version for unbranded handsets is 2.29.405.5 and not 2.29.405.2 as quoted above in the article. I have had the version 2.29.405.2 for sometime now and got the 2.29.405.5 update last week. No need to punch codes into the dialer, just from home screen press menu – settings – about phone – software updates – check now. HTC rolls it out in batches so if you don’t get it then check again every few days. You need 26mb space on internal memory free even though the update is 4-5 mb.

    Now if they only could update the shit internal memory on HTC phones then that would get rid of the low internal memory alerts!!! That’s not happening so lesson learnt to research better before buying another HTC phone with shit internal memory and zero portable speakers or zero docking stations.

  11. is there any chance to get gingerbread and sense HD in an update?

  12. As stated in a previous comment the latest update is not 2.29.405.2 the latest update is 2.29.405.5 which began rolling out last week

  13. But it’s not mentioned in HTC Official website.
    Will this update happen in SEA as well?

  14. …the update will not be gingerbread but mainly Froyo with an updated version of sense, similar to that of the HTC desire HD/Z with a couple of revamped applications with my favourite been the music player with landscape support for album art like the HD 2 WM6.5 player. A sexy camera application,sense skins and much more.Even HTCsense.com and HTC Hub are fully working…

    My HTC desire is rooted and I can’t complain about space, I have a 2GB partition on my 16GB SD Card to store all my applications runing an HD Rom …buying a new phone isn’t necessarey…visit xda developers and make using your Desire more pleasurable.

    Ported HD roms for the original desire have been on xda for a while and this new update just means more stable builds will be released for desire users who are xda members.

  15. Wait??? What’s supposed to happen? And When?

  16. i have unlocked O2) htc desire running on 2.29.405.2 and now with arrival of update of .5 version, my phone shows a big red traingle of error on installing this update. Why? do i need another ruu for this update? any help rolling out for these bugs??

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