Estimated 103 App Downloads Per Second

13 keeps a running counter on their stats page, estimating the number of downloads the Android Market receives per second. If you watch the counter it works out to just above 103 downloads every second.

An impressive count on its own; but if we play with numbers and assume that there are exactly 200k apps in the Market, it means that every application can be downloaded once every 32.4 minutes.

If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to take a look at AndroLib’s stats page. They have quite a few interesting graphs depicting the Market’s evolution. Of particular interest was the spread of free vs. paid apps over time.

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  1. Yea, but does this count updates? Where I end up updating an app a dozen times. or a single update minimum each day?

    What about failed downloads and updates? Not very solid info IMHO.

  2. I am sure it doesn’t deitignuish between failed installs and updates. Any time something is downloaded, that counts as one download I bet.

  3. I sell a copy of my app about once every 15-30 minutes, so this is probably correct.


  4. HATERS. go back to the iphone.

  5. and your app is?? @Brad2

  6. It makes me smile to see Android catching Apple. With them crossing the 200,000 milestone in number of market apps and apps being downloaded this quickly, I can only imagine its a short time away that Android will pass Apple in number of apps and total downloads. With so many Android devices being produced and bought, its bound to happen. Now, if they could just get to work on fragmentation and compatibility issues before it derails this platform and keep improving the market. Those are two areas where Android has a ton of catching up to do with Apple.

  7. I would consider 103 downloads per second a very LOW number. I have a popular Internet download site and my download rate is almost that with just a single server.

  8. @teckel

    The Whole World Wide Interwebnet vs Andoid…..

    So China vs the Island of Guam?

  9. I’m running android on my HD2 and every time I use a new ROM, which is 1 to 2 times a week, I end up downloading at least 5 to 10 apps that I haven’t backed up.

  10. that’s 8.9 million downloads per day. That doesn’t seem very low.

  11. @Aeok18109 go back to your fag club, you penguin loving fag!

  12. Hi,
    I’m from France. I have a problem: I can not acces neighter from office’s PC, neighter from my home PC. I can not find any info on the Internet. Can you help me?

    Best regards.

  13. So Androlib states that there were 2 billion downloads in 2010. That works out to 63 downloads per second. Now they are saying it’s 103? Sorry, but it’s obvious that they are fudging the numbers. Androlib is able to access the Google Android Market like my website Aproov ( but you cannot get 100% access to all of the Market data. In reality, the number is closer to 60 per second.

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