Samsung Insists Canada Start New Year With FroYo


I spoke a bit too soon. And it looks like Samsung has bestowed its FroYo light on a number of Canadian Galaxy S owners. Those of you with a Vibrant on Bell, Virgin Mobel and Sasktel as well as consumers who have a Fascinate on Telus are cleared for FroYo launch.

This news does come as somewhat of a shock. Samsung released and quickly pulled 2.2 for the Vibrant and Telus Fascinate users should not have expected the update until the dial rolled over.

[Image courtesy of Engadget | @RobertBrienza]

“Someone should tell Sammy that FroYo is dated” -Buzz Killington

Tyler Miller

Galaxy S FroYo Available, For the U.K.

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  1. Which year?

  2. Samsung should at least tell us why it is not here yet.

  3. I hear they are giving an exact date of 12/21/12

  4. It is 12/12/12

  5. in case somebody has older ver of android, can it be updated to the newer one?, froyo for exaple without any payents?, cus i never had android phone before, but my GS will arrive in few days, and i suspect it has an old android onboard.

  6. @Hulk The date is suppose to be on the Winter Solstice which happens to fall on 12/21/12, look it up on Google. I understand if you want to have the update for at least 9 days, LOL.

  7. I used Kies to upgrade my Bell vibrant to the official 2.2 release weeks ago and have had no issue with it at all; what problems are you talking about?

  8. What about us GalaxyS owners on Rogers?

  9. What about us GalaxyS owners on Rogers?
    Early 2011 :(

    By early they can mean I do not know June ??
    Unless if gets delayed again.

    If I do not get anything soon I am going to see what XDA Developers have.

  10. hi, my kies won’t work. keeps crashing at MTP applicaiton. what are your suggestions?

  11. Why they do not have the 2.2 on Samsung for Sprint yet ?
    Iwhen I got this phone, I thought I am getting a 2.2 version

  12. @pure_g9 yes android phones can receive updates for free. But they get true updates from the manufacturer, not google so not all phones get updated at the same time.

  13. installed froyo on my Fascinate 3G+ on Telus the day it launched, appears to be running alright.

  14. Due to the Vibrant reports, maybe Bell should have named their update FryYu .

  15. Due to the Vibrant reports, maybe Bell should have named their update FryYu ………….

    Believe what you will but the reports so what maybe I read 10 or 20 people complaining, how many upgraded with no issues … 2 or 3 thousand. People do not join boards just to say all is well.

  16. Darn, I just wanted to make a pun and tease Bell. I failed. My bad.

    I have a friend with a Vibrant – no serious complaints after the upgrade.

  17. Wonder why the USA always gets shit on with updates?

  18. @15 Dead on – maybe as a first i’ll say all is well :P

  19. As others have reported, I upgraded to Froyo on my Bell Galaxy S, using Kies shortly after the release and it seems to be running fine.

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